+ ROUND TWO USA 'Here's Hoping' teabox - SIGNUPS now CLOSED for round two! USA only

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Alright, the list of participants is up, but NOT in the order yet. I’m so sorry I had to cut so many of you! Please don’t feel bad! Maybe next time!

Yappychappy and Veronica — could you post something on this thread so it is easier for others to find links to your profiles?

Before I do the shipping order, I wanted to ask if anyone wanted a full unopened pound (30 servings) of Red Leaf Caramel Matchaccino that I ordered too much of on purpose just to get the free shipping (I knew I was going to put some in teaboxes!) I know many of you already ordered some, so I don’t want a full pound of matcha having to be expensively mailed until someone takes it out of the box. So that will determine the mailing order… post here if you’re in the participant list in the main thread and you’d take the matcha out.

Also, I’m finding that many of the teas that are in sandwich bags in the teabox now have “teabox” flavor. The flavors have kind of melded together. But I guess it depends on the tea. I updated the original thread, but I just wanted to mention if you can at all avoid using thin bags for tea samples, I would appreciate it. These work really well, though I know there are other options (and they have other sizes): http://www.ebay.com/itm/50-3-5×5-Ziplock-Stand-Up-Pouches-Bags-SUP-AA-Clear-Silver-/310658911232?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4854b6cc00

I’ll have the shipping order up soon!

I’m live!

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oh, and if no one wants the Matchaccino I just won’t put it in the box. :D

I will take the matchacinno!!!!

Well, you are in CA and I’m in NY.. I was hoping the box would gradually make its way over to you. haha. so if anyone else is interested, mention it!

I’ll take it and send half to BrewTeally separate from the box if necessary :) and I’m halfway between you two!

You are an amazing creature Stephanie!!!!

Works for me, Stephanie & BrewTeally!

I have some of the throwaway matchaccino that they messed up on that i’d be happy to send BrewTeaally. I have a bit too much and got it expecting to share.

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I will have to get some of those fancy bags, I wonder if heavy duty freezer bags would keep the smells from blending? (also no matchaccino for me, I already have a mostly full bag)

I guess it depends on the bag.. but some of the ziplock freezer bags do have a lot of scent leaking! But there are other bags like the ones in the link that would work.. I just don’t know about them! :D

fair enough! I will have to do some experimenting before the box heads my way so I can have the optimal bag :)

They also sell these at michaels! Completely clear and different sizes:) I just bought some last month and Stephanie was my first lucky swapper to get them! They are great and thick! Perfect!

I’ll hit my local michael’s before the box arrives, but some of the stuff I’m going to include in the box is sealed or still in the original package but opened.

Yay for fancy sample bags! So excited we are in the box together!

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Shipping order is up! Please follow a couple people above and below you on the list!
Yappychappy is steepster.com/yappychappy and Veronica is steepster.com/Veronica
Let me know if there are any problems with the list, like if you traded a lot with someone after you and you don’t think you have many other teas to add to the box that you didn’t already send them… that sort of thing.

A quick thought, would putting me between the Wisconsin and Michigan people (or just people in the Midwest) be cheaper and possible quicker shipping than between two people on the east coast? If not, no worries :)

I switched it! :D I’ll be reorganizing the box — hopefully I can get to the post office next week… it will be up in the air until I actually go though.

Also, I ended up picking more people than I wanted but I just couldn’t cut any other people! So if you guys could try to keep the box for only 2-3 weeks, I would really appreciate it!

I’m glad i’m near the end. I still have a giant box of unopened that I won’t get to for a while :)

So excited to be a part of this! :) Can’t wait!

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I just switched the order of Moraiwe and Short Sorceress since they mentioned in a tasting note that Moraiwe is always after Short Sorceress in tea boxes. This is the kind of thing I meant when I asked if there were any problems in the shipping order. :D

Thanks for switching us :)

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The box was mailed today to Stephanie! It cost $11.64 to mail from NY to IN. So it cost less than the $13 when it got back to me and the whole pound of matcha will also be gone.

I had so much fun with this teabox! thanks everyone! I tried many teaspoons of many of the teas included but… I removed two slightly-bigger-than-sandwich bags full of teas from the box!

Completely removed (mostly I just wanted to remove teas that didn’t have much left)

The awesome teas that Terri Harplady sent me – I haven’t tried them yet!
London Tea Room – The Churchill
Butiki – Good Morning Sunshine
Virtuous Teas – Aloha rooibos
Uniq Teas – Sororitea Sweet & Sassy Chai (one tsp)
The Tea Spot – White Wedding (one tsp) (It’s a nice day for a…)
The Tea Spot – Jasmine Green Pu’erh
The Tea Spot – Jasmine Petals
Republic of Tea – Hot Apple Cider
Lupicia – Champagne Rose
Malttea.com – Roasted barley & corn (one bag)
Spice & Tea Exchange – Caramel Pear
52Teas – Monkey Fart
Adagio – Gunpowder
Verdant – Silver Buds Yabao
Verdant – Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell
…and most of the 10 teas that remained from when the box started

Removed some for later (still some partially in the box)
Premium Steap – Mexican Spice
Czar Nikolas II – Valentine’s
Den’s – Sencha Fukamidori
Verdant – Flowering Green Jasmine
some of the teabags!

Added to the box! I tried to check some shopping lists!
Red Leaf Tea – Caramel Matchaccino – Whole pound! I love it but I bought enough to share!
Harney & Sons – Paris
The Tea House – Sweet Apple (in Teavivre bag)
David’s Tea – Organic Kanpe
thepuriTea – Milk Oolong
Obubu – Hojicha Amber
Lupicia – Lychee
Lupicia – Piccolo
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – Coconut Chai (in Adagio bag for no scent contamination)
Persimmon Tree – Passion Fruit Jasmine
Georgia Tea Co – Ti Kwan Yin
Della Terra – Cinnamon Crackle
52Teas – Coconut Cream Pie

(The other teas can be found on the last page here: http://steepster.com/discuss/4583-plus-plus-the-heres-hoping-traveling-teabox-sign-ups-are-now-closed?page=1 )

Stephanie & BrewTEAlly Sweet – Please don’t add a whole pound of tea just because you take out the whole pound of matcha! The plan was to downsize this box and I don’t think I did that. The box was also replaced (unfortunately not really a smaller box – I guess by a couple inches anyway!)

Hahaha, I’m actually relieved I don’t have to find a whole pound of other teas to cram in the box. I DO plan to include LOTS of excellent stuff for everyone to try though! Thanks for the matcha in advance! I am planning to throw in a small and somewhat heavy tin of something but I’m 100% sure BrewTEAlly Sweet will be taking it out before it moves on again… ;)

Yeah, definitely don’t add a pound of tea in exchange for the matcha! haha. (mainly because the bag of matcha was only $4 something so that would be VERY unfair to you both to add a whole pound of tea for that, which is why I mentioned it.)

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH surprises i love surprises! (happy dance)!

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Hi guys! I received the tea box yesterday and am shipping it out to BrewTEAlly Sweet this afternoon!

Stuff I took out of the box-

Lupicia Grapefruit Green- 1 serving
Della Terra Cinnamon Crackle- 1 serving
London Tea Room Coconut Oolong- 1 serving
Teavana Sakura Allure- 1 serving
Red Leaf Matchaccino Caramel- 8oz
Lupicia Lychee- 3-4 servings
Harney and Sons Paris- 1 serving
52 Teas Coconut Cream Pie- 1 serving
Flowering Green Jasmine (gone now)
Kally Tea White Bubbly Berry 2 servings (gone now)
Adagio Artichoke Green- 1 serving
Numi Magnolia Puerh- 1 sachet
Zhena’s Gypsy tea Coconut Chai- 3-4 servings
Bigote Peach Oolong 1 serving

Stuff I added to the box-
Upton China Special Oolong Buddha’s Palm- .4oz
Harney and Sons Black Currant- approx 4 servings
Teavivre Organic Silver white- unopened sample pack
Teavivre Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong- unopened sample pack
Verdant Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin- unopened sample pack
52 tea Smaug- 1-2 servings
52 teas chocolate bacon- 1-2 servings
Ashby’s of London White Blueberry Tea- 6 tbsp
Butiki Peach Hoppitea- .8oz
David’s Tea Cocoa Canela- 3 servings (BrewTEAlly Sweet?)
52 teas gingerbread smoke- 1-2 servings
Red Leaf Tea pina colada matcha- 3tbs (BreTEAlly Sweet?)
Kurihara Family Heritage Gyokuro 2013- unopened sample pack (you’re welcome to whoever takes this one!!! )
Butiki Teas Rose Violet Calendula- 1 serving (BrewTEAlly Sweet?)
Verdant Tea Mrs Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell- unopened sample pack

I just transferred everything I wanted to try into my own bags so I could send the box along as quickly as possible. It was so much fun to look through everything! Thanks for including me! I’ll have a tracking number for Tea Sipper and BrewTEAlly Sweet before the end of the day! :)

You win the award for fastest teabox time! Some nice additions to the box there.

wicked fast! awesome. I hope BrewTEAlly doesn’t want the Gyokuro :p

Oh goodie! You put me to shame with my current tea box. Speedy! I like what I see I’m this one so excited!

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Boy, I am really, really late to this party! :) Sorry for disappearing from Steepster for so long. Life has been hectic for the past month or so. Anyway, I’m looking forward to round two of this tea box!

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I got the box todayand oh man is it huge! There is sooooooo much tea! Good thing I just sent my other traveling tea box out! I can’t wait to dig in! There is soooooo much variety!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/10564074535/

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/10564135864/

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/10564089135/

Woohoo! Enjoy!! :D

Will do! Thank you for all the goodies!

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So I’m sending this on its way tomorrow (hopefully) as I am packing it up right now. There were a lot of older teas in here that you can tell have definitely traveled quite a bit. In the end I only tried a few.

What I tried or decided to keep:
Upton Tea- Green Rooibos Poire Creme (1tsp)
Della Terra- Cinnamon Crackle (2tsp)
52teas- Coconut Cream Pie(2tsp)
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea- Coconut Chai (1tsp)
Harney & Sons- Paris (1tsp & keeping with me)
The London Tea Room- Coconut Oolong (1tsp)
DAVIDsTEA- Cocoa Canela (1tsp & keeping with me)
DAVIDsTEA- Kanpe Tea (1TB)
Premium Steap- Mexican Spice (1TB)
Shang Tea- Jasmine White Tea Classic (1tsp)
Bigote- Peach Oolong (1tsp)
Butiki- Rose Violet Calendula Oolong (All 3 tsp)
The last “Flowering Green Jasmine Tea”
Thepuritea- Milk Oolong (1tsp)
Teavivre- Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong (The only sample)
Teavivre- Silver Needle White Tea Bai Hao Yin Zhen (The only sample)
Ashby’s of London- White Blueberry (1tsp)
Red Leaf Tea- White Matcha (Keeping the last TB)
Red Leaf Tea- Pina Colada (Keeping the only 3TB)
Upton Tea- Buddha’s Palm (Keeping it all .4oz)

What I Added:
Tealux- Pumpkin Spice
Tea District- Acai Berry Raspberry
Tea District- Organic Wild Rose White Tea
Simpson & Vail- Green Blue Mist
Zhi Tea- White Shizandra
Rishi Tea- Maghreb Mint
American Tea Room- Brioche
The Persimmon Tree- Chocolate Banana
The Persimmon Tree- Berries ‘N Cream
The Persimmon Tree- Ruby Orange
52teas- S’mores Chai
52teas- Mayan Chocolate Chai
52teas- Graveyard Mist
Della Terra- Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Della Terra- Apple Cinnamon Yogurt
Bluebird Tea Co- Enchanted Narnia
Bluebird Tea Co- Vicky’s Sponge Cake
Adagio- Blueberry
Our Sweet Earth- Victorian Vanilla
Jamestown Special Teas- Hibiscus
Handmade Tea- Seed Harvest
Handmade Tea- Kiwifruit Cocoanut
Handmade Tea- Blueberry Limon
Butiki- Coconut Cream Pie
Teavana- Lavender Dreams
Dori’s Cottage- Pomegranate
Twinnings of London- Pumpkin Spice Chai
The Republic of Tea- Get Happy
Celestial Seasoning’s- Morning Thunder
Two Leaves Tea- Better Morning Blend
Two Leaves Tea- Jasmine Petal
Steven Smith Teamaker- No.55 Lord Bergamot
Verdant Tea- Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan Black
Verdant Tea- Northern Wilds
Verdant Tea- Master Han’s Forest Grove
Verdant Tea- Campfire Blend

:) Shelley_Loraine this is coming for you and with the
Kurihara Family Heritage Gyokuro too! ;)

yay, gyokuro! can’t wait :)

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