Where to buy teaware locally (in general)?

I’m looking to buy a nice gongfu tea tray and have pretty much come to the conclusion that I have to buy one online but I’d really like to see it first. I hit a bunch of local asian groceries today but they are mostly korean & japanses so they don’t have much chinese tea stuff. (The good news is there is a Chinese market opening in 2 weeks!!!) Any other suggestions for a buying a tea tray or other high end tea ware somewhere local? I’m in Portland, but I was hoping for just general types of places to look, unless you happen to be from the NW and have a specific suggestion.


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Does the Chinese Gardens sell teaware, maybe? It’s been years since I’ve been there.

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yyz said
I’ve mostly seen the ceramic ones in China Town here in TO, usually as a set and usually at stores that sell housewares. I did see one nice wooden one at a herbalists shop once ( It was a large shop that had tea, tea ware, medicinal herbs and things for traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and massage). Tao of Tea seems to sell them from time to time. They only seem to have one kind in stock online, but maybe they have others for sale at their tea houses? Other wise check out some of the tea houses in the area they might sell them or be able to recommend a dealer.

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