Isolde said

Irish Breakfast Teas--Twinings maltiest?

I really like the flavor of Twining’s Irish Breakfast and would like to explore similar teas. However, none of the other IBT’s I’ve tried have come close to that type of sweet malty flavor. For example, I found Upton’s River Shannon to be way too strong, and rather bitter and not malty at all. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

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Lala said

If Twinnings is your favourite, there is nothing wrong with that. My all time favorite earl grey is Twinnings. I have tried many other earl greys but always come back to Twinnings. If that is what you like, stick with it.

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+1 for Twinnings Irish Breakfast – I have a box in my cupboard right now. I live in an area that the only access to “good” tea is through online ordering so I have learned to love many grocery store teas. Sometimes you NEED new tea – without having to wait for shipping.

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Adagio has a fantastic Irish breakfast tea, it’s out of stock, but should be back soon according to their website.

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