Tea Haul from TJ Maxx...

TJ Maxx is one of my favorite stores because I always find nifty stuff. Today is my first time shopping there since my tea obsession began earlier this month. I’ve never really paid attention to anything tea-related at TJ Maxx, but today it seemed as if the shelves were overflowing with cool stuff! I saw three different types of single cup infusers, a really cool glass teapot with infuser, another cute teapot (it was on the clearance aisle, but it was broken… not sure who’s gonna buy that one), an iced tea pitcher with infuser core, and LOTS of tea (mostly bagged, but I found some loose tea).

Here is a picture of what I bought! http://oi43.tinypic.com/iegv3p.jpg

“500 Mile Chai” from The Tao of Tea (8oz bag for $6.99)
Mini tins of loose tea from Mighty Leaf Tea (35g for $1.99/each)
Double-walled glass teacup w/ silicone lid ($5.99)

The flavors of Mighty Leaf I bought are…
- “African Nectar” (Ingredients: Organic rooibos, organic natural flavors, organic hibiscus, organic marigold petals)
- “Detox” (Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic burdock root, organic dandelion root, organic spearmint, organic licorice root, organic basil, organic red clover flowers)
- “Green Tea Tropical” (Ingredients: Green tea, cornflowers, marigold petals, pineapple pieces, and natural flavors)
- “Masala Chocolate Truffle” (Ingredients: Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, pepper, natural chocolate flavors)
- “Mountain Spring Jasmine” (Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic jasmine flowers)
- “Orange Dulce” (Ingredients: Organic black tea, green tea, jasmine flowers, natural flavors)
- “Pear Caramel Truffle” (Ingredients: Black tea, pear, caramel, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, natural flavors)
- “Spirulina Stamina” (Ingredients: Rosehip, cinnamon, balm mint, schizandra, black currant, blackberry leaves, green mate, spirulina, natural flavors)

I just wanted to share! I feel like I got a pretty good bargain! :)

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Wow impressive you make me want to go there right now! I love that store! I would so go if I didn’t have to get up at 3.30 for work :)

We almost didn’t go. We were on our way home from a Greek festival, and I really wanted to squeeze in some shopping before we went home. I told my husband I’d “make it quick.” I’m pretty sure he knew I was lying… We were in there for almost an hour… oops

Ellyn select said

BrewTeally Sweet Sw3:30? UGHHHHHHH! Good luck….

Ha ha my boyfriend always knows my “really quick” is not quick!
@Ellyn yup 4am-1pm shifts, Sunday thru Thursday. The life of a baker :)

I’m happy to not work in a bakery with crack-of-dawn business! We don’t sell a lot of breakfast (only muffins, scones, crumb cake). We focus on desserts and custom cakes. We start at 7:30am, and most bakers go home before 3pm. :)

We do the same, but we have A LOT of wholesale orders for so many coffee shoppes that have to be delivered by 6 AM. So hence the early mornins, I may start working the night shift though, 9PM-5AM or 11PM-7PM.

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I wish there was one of those near me.

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Marshals Home Goods usually has some nifty stuff too. I always wander down randomly on lunch at work because theres one right in my plaza. I’ve always been too broke to buy, now I’ve switched shifts and make more money, and their not open when I’m there. Don’t approve at all.

Yay for MARSHALLS too!

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ifjuly said

Agreed, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and those types of stores often have surprising treasures in the beverage and cookware department (I remember the time I found Dry Lavender soda there, when I’d combed all the fancypants grocery stores in my area to no avail). They often have good tea time snacks too, stuff like citrus straws and lemon biscuits.

Love that section!

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Micholgirl said

Ross dress for less and Burlington Coat factory have the same type of items too, don’t they? Okay, next payday, here I go!

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Katiek said

Congrats, quite a nice haul!

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Rachel said

I love tj maxx, marshalls home goods and ross for these types of things. You definitely got some goodies! I always wonder about the freshness of the snacks, teas and coffees they sell. I am new to tea, so I do not really know how fast teas go bad/get stale. Those who have bought tea from these places, have you been generally happy with it?

Skysamurai said

Generally I’ll check dates just in case but for the most part everything I’ve pick up has been good. Every once in awhile I’ll pick up something random that sounds good but ends up tasting blah… but that can happen anywhere…

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Skysamurai said

Yes! I am so glad to see another person has found the wonders of tea from TJMaxx! I thought maybe I was just the crazy person doing it, okay… well maybe not crazy but it feel weird buying tea from a store that’s basically for clothing.

Through TJmaxx I found my favorite tea company Island Rose.

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hannabling said

Nice haul!

Please keep the xxx in TJmaxxx

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MelissaTea said

Thanks for the suggestion. I found some FAUCHON Teas at Marshalls (or maybe it was TJ Maxxx – they are so alike). I had to pick between Apple, Pear and Autumn Tea. They were only $9.99 each, but I couldn’t afford all three. I went “eeny, meany, miney, moe” and Apple won. It’s a black tea, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to try it. (A nice 100g tin too!)

Dinosara said

Whaaaat. That’s astounding! Fauchon teas are nearly impossible to find outside of France.

TeaTee said

What a find! I am going TJMaxx shopping tomorrow!

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