Top 10 Black Teas RATED on Steepster - Which Ones Have You Tried?

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AJ said

I haven’t tried any of them. But my order from the Simple Leaf just came in today, and among my samples chosen is Dawn.

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Shanti said

What on earth is “Viking Glogg Tea”? There aren’t even any written reviews for it…company plant, perhaps?

Jillian said

Seconding that – it sounds hideous whatever it is! XD

That made me laugh…being part Norwegian and all…lol…

A rich black tea with the authentic flavor and spices used to flavor the hot, spiced red wine which is enjoyed in Sweden at Christmas time. It’s so good its a shame not to drink it all year around. This tea should be sweetened to get the right rich aroma. For those you want, a little dash of vodka will turn the sweet brew into something special.

Cofftea said

Sounds yummy!

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Atacdad said

Zero, but I like the description of Viking Glogg.

Atacdad said

Tamborine Tea … its misspelled above. Rats! It’s an Australian outfit that doesn’t have Internet ordering.

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