Tea Witch said

Worst Tea Companies!!!

Hello ya’ll

I started drinking tea maybe a year ago for health reason and have been trying many new teas but I seem to have collected many teas that I simply hate! As I got more into tea I also learned about the shady tea practices of some tea companies. What teas should I avoid? Who should I avoid? Lets hear it, throw that shade down.

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Every place I’ve ordered from has been really good in terms of good tea and customer service. Though, I check the reviews on Steepster ahead of time to make sure what I’m getting into.

For teas, most of it really comes down to personal taste, getting a good quality tea and playing with steep times. I see on reddit/tea people spazzing that green teas are disgusting bitter drinks and you shouldn’t drink them for their taste, when they are drinking lawn clipping bagged greens and steeping them for 8 minutes in boiling water. I personally can’t stand licorice teas and I want to sandpaper my tongue off.

Though, there is one tea I’ve had that was the absolute worse for me was Adagio’s Toasted Sesame, no matter what I did it tasted like an oil slick with an unbelievable bitter black tea base! Though its ratings aren’t that bad, so who knows.

Oh no! I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy the Toasted Sesame—it’s one of my favs. How did you brew it? The second infusion is quite nice, more sesame-y than the first, where the Ceylon drowns out everything else.

I tried Adagio’s suggestion, then also lower temp (down to 190 even), less leaf and quick steep times around 2 mins, but it’s so bitter! Most bitter tea I’ve ever had.

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No real bad experiences either – some get it wrong like not supplying any brewing information with the tea and just responding “well you should have looked on the website”

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Lynxiebrat said

Hiya DetroitEbony, nice to see another Michigander here! (Royal Oak area.)
No advice on what to avoid because it’s ‘to each their own’

I guess the question would be: What kind of teas are you looking for?

I do definitely suggest that you look into the companies that sell samples of their teas (like from $2-4 for many of them. Also, if you havn’t, check the places tab on top of the page, plug in your zip code and it will give you a list of the local tea places in your area. The only places I can recommend at the moment are:
Tranquilitea (Plymouth.) They only sell tea and tea ware, they don’t serve it. Their prices are reasonable for the most part. (The tea ware is a alittle bit high, but not outrageously and in line with many other tea shops.)

Goldfish Tea (Royal Oak) Specializes in Chinese Tea, for the most part traditional teas (No funky flavors.) They serve it, and have a small selection that they sell as well. I have never bought any teaware from there, as they are out of my price range. Gorgeous stuff however.

Kristea’s (Berkley) Mostly Teaware, though they have a somewhat extensive selection of Harney and Sons, and I think of 1 or 2 others.) I’ve yet to buy any teaware there, because either they didn’t have what I was looking for, (particular types of tins.)or just wanted to browse.

In addition to companies that sell samples, there are individuals who give, sell or swap teas, and that can be a terrific way to discover new teas.

Teas that you don’t like: Unfortunately this comes with the territory. Like many people hate hibiscus in their tea…me, as long as it isn’t overkill, I like it. Especially with sweet fruity teas. But that’s just me;)

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone! (To those of us in the US. To the rest, have a good the rest of the week;))

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Tea Witch said

I would like to add Tea for All Reasons to the list, I am bothered by the exploitation of 9/11 in their “9/11 Commemorative tea”


On another note, I did enjoy Kreitea’s tea in Berkeley. It was a cute shop, but way to much Harney and sons!!!

I like Tea For All Reasons. The lady who runs the company is a very nice lady. I don’t think that she is necessarily exploiting the tragedy of 9/11 by offering a tea that commemorates it. Unless you know the reasons behind someone’s motives, I don’t think it’s right to suggest that they’re exploiting something.

I’ve had personal dealings with Marsha, the owner of Tea For All Reasons, and she seems like a very nice person, and she offers very good customer service.


I dunno. My initial impressions of a “commemorative” tea is that profits should be going to the item.

Maybe you could recommend this LiberTEAS (as you know her, I would feel awkward doing it), as then it would look less exploiting and more charitable. It should also be better marketing for her. But I would agree with Tea Witch that this has completely put me off buying from Tea For All Reasons.

Dustin said

What is Kreiteas? I haven’t heard of that place and I don’t see anything for it on a google search.

Lynxiebrat said

Dustin, a mispelling of a local tea shop, Kristea’s:)

Tea Witch, (love the new nickname there is no such thing as to much Harney & Sons…So many of theirs I’ve yet to try.

Commemorative items (Whether it’s tea, plates, coins, etc.) As long as it is going to a charity for victims of 9/11, and it says so, then I support it.

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