Tea Related Ascii Art

Does anyone have any of these for tea that are copy/paste?

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Lol. I haven’t thought about ASCII art in ages!

Adham said

I had the same reaction – I learned basic programming on computers (terminals, more properly) back in the early 70’s with big yellow rolls of paper running through them…and ASCII art was cool! I googled and came up with:
Haven’t tried it yet but it looks like fun!

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denisend said
( ) ( ___…(———-)-….___ .-"" ) ( ""-. .-‘``’|-._ ) _.-| / .—.| `""—-………..—-""` | / / | | | | | | \ \ | | `\ `\ | | `\ `| | _/ /\ / (__/ \ / ..—-""` \ /`""—-.. .-’ \ / ’-. : `-.__ __.-’ : : ) ""—-…—-"" ( : ‘._ `“-…___…-”` _.’ \""—..__ __..—""/ ‘._ """——…..______…..——""" _.’ `""—..,,_____ _____,,..—""` `"""——"""`
denisend said

Well, that didn’t work.

I’ll throw some up on my web space (where I can use html to make sure they format right) this weekend.

That was the same problem I was having!!!! :P

TeaParT said

If you use html code, just wrap it in the preformat html tags. Can’t show it here but you will need opening and closing pre tags around your text. That will format it with a fixed-width format.

I’m not going to admit why I know this since my computing skills even pre-date Adham. Ha Ha. I will admit that I did an ASCII art beer mug for a calendar in college – no easy feat with punched cards. Ended up being a best seller for our computer club.

you my dear TeaParT just went from cool to OMG COOL :)

TeaParT said

Thank you for the compliment. I try my best! I did find another link for TeaEqualBliss.


Note though that they got around the spacing problem by just linking to a txt file. You wouldn’t be able to do that with a blog.

depending how much HTML is allowed i believe the is a pre-formatted tag that had the browser render the text in between the tags exactly, it’s used for teaching html usually

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Tea-Guy said

I’m excited to see where this goes! Be sure to provide links! :-)

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TeaParT said

Check out Joan Stark’s work if you want a little background on this topic. Here’s a link to some teacups. She even includes a teapot a little further down the page.


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