52teas' Newest Release is AWESOME!!!!

Strawberry Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha!!!!! AAHHHHH!!!! I bought a package immediately and then had to come tell everyone here! How can your mouth not water at the mention of this blend? :D


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Really? Nobody else is as excited as me?


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Lala said

I am honestly a little disappointed. If you read Frank’s write up on this tea, he talks about initially planning to make a peanut butter marshmallow treat genmaicha. I would have been all over that.

Getting over my disappointment, this one does sound delicious too!

I agree. I was excited to see this blend when I saw the subject line in my inbox. Then I read the e-mail contents and was SUPER EXCITED about a peanut butter version of it. Hopefully, he ends up making that one too.

Did you see?? Frank made the peanut butter version!!!!


Dustin said

I ordered one of each. I’m going to try them together and have a pb&j genmaicha.

Hahaha! Awesome idea! I love it!

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Ubacat said

I love love love strawberries but I have been let down with so many strawberry flavored teas. I will look forward to hearing your review of it though. Hope it’s a good one!

I hear you. I figure at the very least, it’ll be a delicious marshmallow treat genmaicha blend (I LOVE the original). And best case scenario, it’s spot on strawberry and mouthwateringly delicious!

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I’m so tempted, but I got 3 52 Teas and my kickstarter package, all which I haven’t even opened yet. Aww screw it /add to cart


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Yup, I bought that and the peanut butter version. Waiting for the peanut butter one to come in the mail and I’ll review them both!
I opened the strawberry one and it smells freaking amazing, tempting me to eat the package!


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