herbomator said

Flash chilled ice tea

Hello all :)
I’ve been playing around with flash chilled ice tea, using the advice from Verdant teas. They suggest making a small concentrated amount. In fact they even use an espresso machine in their shops.
I wonder does the amount of water really make a difference? They suggest 6oz but would more or less water yield different results?

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Lala said

Easy answer: yes the amount of water will yield different results, its not different than if you were steeping tea in a normal fashion.

For Iced tea, my general rule it I make it double strength. So if I usual used 1 tsp per 8 oz for hot tea, I will do 2tsp per 8 oz for iced tea.

Hard answer: it depends on your taste and on the size of the pitcher you are using. For a 64 oz pitcher, I will use 6 tsp tea per 2 cups hot water, then fill up the pitcher with cold water or with ice.

herbomator said

Thank you Lala, I’m going to try your recipe.

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