Skysamurai said

Tea bar at Baby shower

Hello all!

I’ll b having a baby shower this Saturday and plan to have a tea bar. I plan to have some samples out and ready as well as loose leaf and tea in bags ready for people to choose from. I figure it would be good to have a mix of teas and herbal/tisanes.

Do you guys have any other suggestions?

Also, would it be weird to give out tea as a thank you for coming gift?

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Katiek said

I’d love tea as a thank you gift! How do you plan on handling the water temperatture? Have different thernoses of water at different temps for black vs green tea?

It might be nice to have a little sheet available with some info on the different teas depending on how familiar your friends are with tea. Things like suggested brewing temps, differences in caffeine levels or where the tea is from.

Most of my friends aren’t that sophisticated about tea, so they’d probably enjoy just boiling water and an arrangement of flavored tea bags. Tea bags might be easier for a large crowd, or get the disposable tea filters from somewhere like Davids for the loose leaf tea so you don’t have people dealing with the tea leaves.

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You may want to make sure that the herbals you choose are safe for the pregnant guest. I think its a great gift. We often do favors and have done some for baby showers. For the gifts, you could make special labels, choose names for the teas that are meaningful, and do some fancy packaging.

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