spring tea at verdant

what is everyone hoping to see? have the Ducklers popped in like they did last year?
I am really hoping for some white teas, not only have I been stocked up on puerhs, roasted oolongs and blacks but I just don’t see much variety in the white tea department.

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darby select said

I’m always looking for new jasmine or even more floral additions.

Hi darby – are you still in the Twin Cities? If so, I’ll be sure to send you a direct message as soon as Spring Teas hit the ground here at the Tea House in Seward! I know David will want to hold a tasting at the big table of all the fresh new arrivals – it would be so much fun to share the freshest with local Steepsterites :)

darby select said

Yep, I am! I love coming to the tastings!!!

Awesome! As soon as I get the Spring Tasting dates set and up on our events page, I’ll be sure to post back here and let you know!

PS: how are you dealing with this April snow? :( I hear it’s supposed to get back to Spring starting this afternoon.. * fingers crossed *

darby select said

Great! I can’t wait! I keep meaning to get down there on a Sat night.

Today was really nice! Up in Blaine we got 10 inches the other day!

Yikes! 10 inches :( Lucky for all of us, the weather has held since then (well, apart from the rain today).

We would love to see you any time – we have guided tastings every Tuesday night, too! This Saturday, we’re actually closing a little early to sponsor an Eat for Equity event on behalf of SPOKES Bike Walk Connect. Anyone is welcome to come – it just means eating + community cooking rather than our usual Saturday Night Tea Lounge. For full details, check out:

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Their website has been recently updated (sometime within the last day) with the following now listed as “coming soon” with new harvests:

Spring harvest Laoshan green
Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell
Sun Dried Jingshan green
Laoshan black

I expect early spring Tieguanyin and Laoshan green oolong will also be making an appearance before too long.

Great catch, adagio breeze! :) I was just updating our pages last week, wondering if anyone would notice the new “coming soon” notices – I should have known the fine folks on Steepster would be the first!

David will be posting soon with updates on everything we’re planning this Spring – I’ll make sure and reply here with links and updates, too :)

Happy Spring, everybody! It may be snowing here in Minneapolis today, but Spring is in FULL swing for tea XD

haha, I do tend to be a bit on the obsessive side :)

I’m so excited about the new harvest! Getting ready to pounce on some of these pre-orders – I can’t believe how fast the Big Red Robe and the last of the Laoshan black sold out!

I know what you mean! We will be bringing in as much as we can, as quickly as we can – that’s one big reason we’re working to make everything available for pre-order, with plenty of warning ahead of time: this way, everyone who wants to can reserve their portion of these first spring harvests without having to worry about it all selling out as soon as it arrives.

Rest assured – everyone here will be the first to know about the new spring teas from all of our friends and partners in Laoshan, Anxi, Wuyi, Dragonwell and Yunnan. Spring is so exciting!!

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Hi zacherywolf7!

We are really excited about Spring this year – I know David is going to be posting soon (later this afternoon) with more details on what we can all expect from our friends and partners in China . I will make sure to post here again with updated links to any pages, discussion threads, or products as soon as I can.

I CAN say right now that 2014 Spring tea is already on the way – Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell is enroute, as is a brand new 2014 Sheng Pu’er from Master Han in the Mt. Ailao National Forest Preserve. I can’t wait to start getting these all up for pre-order and start really sharing our friends’ harvests this year!!

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Dear Steepster Friends,

Spring is my favorite time of the year! All of our tea farmer friends – from Mrs. Li in Dragonwell to the He family in Laoshan Village – spend all winter anticipating these weeks of picking tea while watching the weather.

Here in America, the very moment the first buds push through winter soil and announce the spring, I know we all start aching for that unbelievable fragrance of fresh green tea. That is why this year we have decided to air ship every variety of Spring tea the week it is picked – that way, you can all be drinking the freshest tea possible.

Every week of spring, we will be getting in fresh arrivals- small batches of the precious early harvests of the year. We will be taking pre-orders for all our spring teas as they approach arrival to guarantee you a piece of the first harvests. For the latest on picking dates and pre-orders, you can visit our spring tea page:

Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell has now finished up picking, and it will be our first arrival of spring! Starting tomorrow (Friday, April 18th) we will be taking preorders for both Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell as well as her very limited, precious First Picking Dragonwell, consistently sought after by Hangzhou’s government officials, the best out there. Both pickings are unique and worthwhile, and we are beyond excited for the opportunity to share these on Mrs. Li’s behalf. You can check out the pre-order pages at the links below. Pre-orders open at 3pm CST tomorrow (Friday, April 18th):

The He family in Laoshan is picking soon after Mrs. Li, first working on Hand-rolled Bilochun-style green teas, then flat pressed (Dragonwell-style) and their traditional curled Laoshan Green. About a week after the green tea harvests, we expect another harvest of Mr. He’s innovative Laoshan oolongs – both Laoshan Green Oolong and Laoshan Roasted Oolong – as well as hand-rolled, early spring Laoshan Black. Pre-order info on these is coming in the next two weeks.

After Laoshan, Anxi will start up in earnest with fresh, fragrant spring Tieguanyin from Master Zhang. Once Master Zhang confirms his harvest date, we will let you know. He is likely picking in the last week of May.

Master Han in Yunnan has been picking new spring sheng pu’er – some of his 2014 harvest is already on the way! Jingshan Green is also picking now. We will have pre-order info on fresh Yunnan Spring teas in the next three weeks.

Thanks so much for your support! All the families we partner with have a happier spring knowing that their teas are enjoyed across the world, especially here in the Steepster community.

Best Wishes,

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Hi everyone – Just wanted to update the thread and let you all know that Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell is now available for pre-orders!

You can find them both right here: http://verdanttea.com/shop/spring/

Happy Spring and Happy Sipping!

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Hello again, everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick update: Master Han’s new sheng pu’er arrived earlier than expected – we’ve been tasting and photographing as quickly as we can, and will be able to release Master Han’s 2014 Wild-Picked Sheng Pu’er this Friday!

For more about our partnership with Master Han, you can read the full story here:

To go straight to the new tea and get excited for Friday:

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has made pre-orders so far for Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell. Your support has been fantastic – please know how deeply we appreciate you all. I am so excited for everyone to receive their tea :D Luckily, it looks like Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell may be arriving even sooner than expected. I’ll be sure to update everyone here as soon as her tea arrives.

Master Han’s Spring 2014 Wild-Picked Sheng Pu’er is now available!!

I can’t stop drinking this one – it’s going to be a challenge to hide a bit away so it can age before I drink it all :D

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Dear all,

Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell green teas are finally HERE! XD They arrived late on Friday, and the first time we opened up one of Mrs. Li’s sealed packages, I ran around the entire tea house for everyone to get a taste of that incredible, delicious smell.


So far, everyone who’s had the chance to try Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell at the tea house this weekend has fallen in love, and it reminds us all how much we missed having Mrs. Li’s tea in our cups! David’s hosting a tasting this afternoon at the tea house (Twin Cities’ Steepster folks – come and join us at 3pm!!) to share the fresh Spring arrivals with our local friends – I wish we could invite you all down to share a cup of the freshest tea around. In the meantime, all of your pre-orders are getting packed up for shipping out with the evening post.

At this time of year, I can’t think of anything better than fresh green tea. You never know how much you’ve been missing it until your very first sip. Check out our photos from our very first staff tasting this weekend!


Not pictured – our huge, beaming faces :D We are all positively giddy, and I know the energy coursing through this fresh Spring harvest accentuates that.

Don’t wait to try this tea – it will never be fresher than it is right now. I’m really excited for everyone to start receiving their pre-orders. I just wish we could share a cup with everyone.

Cheers, and happy sipping!

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drinking the 1st picking right now. knew i had to get through unbearable heat because my anticipation was just too much!
it is delicious, but I notice that doing it dragonwell style that it gets bitter quite quick just on the first sipping, is this an issue anyone else has? its great every other steeping.

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