Contest - We're Having a Baby and you get the presents! - Unfortunate News!

7-18-2010: Unfortunately, due to unforeseen complications we lost the baby. We were told that my body detected a problem and naturally terminated the pregnancy. It has been heartbreaking for myself and my family but I just thought I would take a moment to let everyone know since you were all so nice by sharing with me all your well wishes. Thank you for all of your support.

Sorry for the delay we were waiting on some critical info from the doctor and I got it
today so I will announce the winner tomorrow evening, 7/9/10 be sure to get your guesses in before I announce the winner. Thanks for playing everyone!

Sorry, I have been off the tea radar for a while.  My husband and I got a little surprise and it turns out I am pregnant with #2.  We had our first through painstaking IVF and never in a million years thought this could happen natually especially 3 1/2 years after the birth of our daughter, even the doctor said it was rare so it must have been meant to be.  Now that the shock has subsided we are excited and thought this was the perfect occasion to celebrate with a contest. Here goes…

Guess the Due Date…

I am probably about 6 to 8 weeks along. That will be the only hint you get.  After the next appointment on 7/2 the doctor will give me the expected due date on or near 7/6 at which point I will announce the winner based on who guessed the closest.  Anyone that gets it exactly will get a bonus something or other.  The prize is a selection of my Signature Blends created on Adagio under creator “Rachana Carter” and some other
items I have in my tea cupboard.  

As a bonus I am looking for both a first name for a girl and a middle name for a boy as the first name will be Ethan if it is a boy.  Anyone who has a name
we will use for sure will also receive a selection of teas but if no name appeals to us there will be no winner.  Consider this part of the contest as a bonus.

Also only one date submission will be accepted but you can submit multiple baby names for consideration.  

Please have all enteries in by end of day July 5th.  Good Luck!

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Cofftea said

Totally didn’t read the topic post- I’m changing it to Feb. 12th. Name suggestion for girl: Irina which means “Peace” in Greek. Middle name suggestion for a boy: Malachi which means “Messenger of God”. I’ve also seen the variation Malachai so your son could have a tea themed name:)

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February 17, 2011
Still thinking on the girl name, but for the boy’s middle name I think Elijah would be nice. Ethan Elijah.

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Wow, wonderful news! So exciting!

Names first, because I’m going to give you the name we would have used if we had a girl: Jessica. My boyfriend says it sounds like a song (and in fact, it is one by the Allman Bros.) For a boy, it’s harder because I used all my favorite names already but if I’d had a third boy I would seriously have considered Jack. My parents were going to name me that if I was a boy, and it’s got the benefit of being both classic and very popular now, so it will age well and be trendy at the same time.

Due dates are such funny things, something less than 20 percent of babies are born on their actual dates. Are we talking projected date, or actual date? Since you’ve had one already I’m gonna say you’ll be early this time, though I was late with my second.

Here’s my guess: January 13, 2011.

First, thank you and to answer your question I am going to choose a winner based on who is closest to the due date my doctor gives me not when I actually give birth. I may do another contest like that later when it gets closer.

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gmathis said

First of all, congratulations!!!! And may January 22, 2011 be a beautiful, non-icy, non-snowy, clear winter day for your child to arrive.

Girl…one we were never able to use: Claire Marie.
Boy…Ethan Kane (lots of Orson Wells fans at my house).

Thank you and my first was Jan. 5th so I appreciate the non-snowy and non-icy comment.

oh my, in that case i hope you don’t have the baby jan 4, it’s my birthday and it always snows!

Well, even if it does I may still be ok they opened a new amazing hospital less than 3 miles from home. Did I mention free WiFi everywhere and all private rooms. LOL :-)

Private rooms are worth the price of admission. With my second, I didn’t get a private room and I shared with a woman whose baby was in the NICU and she was distraught and crying all the time, not to mention constant visits from doctors, family, etc. I felt really bad for her. Thank you, Vicodin, without which I would not have been able to sleep! Eh, the Wifi can wait. ;-)

Yes, it is pretty neat. Like a luxury hotel. Pretty sure with the price to match.

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Adham said

Fantastic news – congratulations!

For due date I’ll guess February 4th – same birthday as my older boy.

Girl’s first name (can we submit more than one in either category?): Alexandria

Boy’s middle name: Caspian

Thank you and I appreciate it. Also you can submit as many names as you like but only one due date. BTW, my daughters name is Alexandria…great minds think alike.

Adham said

Wow, that’s weird! Okay, I’ll suggest a different girls name – Amelia.

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I will say 1/7/11

Girl: Raya
Boy: Riley

Cofftea said

My neice spells her name Reya. We call her Reya Sunshine!


I originally was going to go with Dec 24th but I figured that was too early! :P

Cofftea said

Yeah… due date is one thing that’s easy to predict… the real question should be when is she going into labor:)

Thank you and BTW, the date you picked is only 2 days after my daughter B-Day.

Cofftea said

Well then I hope she’s born on the 5th- even if that isn’t the day I picked:)

Hoping for a different day. Only because it is tough enough to have one so close to Christmas let alone 2.

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Kristin said


February 8, 2011

Girl: Willow, Elliot (if we can submit more than one)
Boy: Ellis

Thank you, and yes for multiple name entries but only one date.

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Caitlin said

Congrats!!!!! 2/27/11

Thank you!

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wombatgirl said

I’m going to guess the ides of February – Feb 15th, 2011.


I’ve always wanted to name a boy Caden or Jaden – they’re of Celtic origin, and I think they just sound cool. I don’t ever tend to like normal girls names (Tzigany, Jovita, Janneka) – maybe Naomi?

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7 TeaEqualsBliss
13 Morgana / TeaParT
22 gmathis, The Tea Valley Company
23 Jenn-cha
24 Doulton
30 en0ush

2 LiberTEAS
4 Adham
8 Kristin
12 Cofftea
15 wombatgirl, Erin
17 mrawlins2
19 LissaMarie
23 Jessica
24 AmazonV
27 Caitlin

AmazonV – you spoil us!!! :P

i like lists, i’m a little bit of an organization nut :)

Thank you for the congrats and for the list. Helps keeps things organized in this already forgetful brain of mine. LOL :-)

Rachel – OMG I become so scatterbrained when I’m pregnant! More so than usual even! LOL

Do take care of yourself, Rachel! :)

Methinks I need AmazonV to come to my house and tackle my garage aka my art studio! And then maybe she can work on my tea storage situation! :) I pay in tea.

tempting very tempting, my mom loves to pay me to come organize her, but is usually surprised by the truckloads (literally) of things i convince her to donate to good will

Would you do my garage too? :-)

sounds like i need to quit my job and start up a new business ;)

Believe me, you should. I have hired an organizer recently. There are a lot of people out there like me who need a personal trainer when it comes to getting rid of stuff. Mostly I really hate filing and need someone to hold my hand or it won’t get done. ;-)

I do not need a clutter coach… although my hubby would debate that subject heartily with me. I’m an artist… I NEED THAT STUFF out there! It just needs to be organized. But I don’t need to get rid of it! I need my stuff! :) I need an organization coach… not a clutter coach. Don’t get rid of it … just organize it! :) :) :) Yeah. That.

@LiberTEAS oh it’s not junk if you need it and use it, then it goes in stackable rubbermaids with labels! but if you haven’t used it in more than 4 years….

i stayed at a place recently (rental place) where everything was p-touch labeled, it was great! i love little labels :)

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