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Night Tea Night!

Hi everyone! I have a question for you all! I am arranging a fun little night time tea gathering with some friends soon, which I’m calling “Night Tea Night” (pun intended). It’ll be an evening of Gongfu style tea sharing and possibly a bonfire or something of the like. For the event I am hoping to feature “night” themed teas. As I am planning to brew Gongfu style, I will need these to be loose teas that do well with that method, so I’m kind of aiming more toward pure teas and not so much blends or tisanes, but let’s see what you guys can come up with. I’m open to ideas. I am thinking I will probably only do 3 teas max, which makes this a lot easier because I already have two picked out that I have on hand.

First I’ll be serving Purple Sunset Oolong from Butiki Tea. It’s an oolong made from the Kenyan purple tea varietal.

I’ll also serve Moonlight White loose puerh from Bana Tea Company, a tea which is made through a peculiar process where the leaves are dried at night.

I just need one more! Any ideas? I bet you all could name a few! I am looking mostly for teas with some kind of evening or night reference in the name, to suit the theme, but it doesn’t have to have that exactly. It could be something sort of night related (stars, moon, night animals, etc).

My other option might be to have the third tea be a tisane or something which is caffeine free and can easily be enjoyed at night. Possibly butterfly pea blossom. It brews up a nice midnight blue.

How about it? What teas do you suggest? Keep in mind I’ll more than likely have to track one down and purchase it, so if you can recommend a specific vendor that might be helpful too.

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I think if I went to an event called “Night tea night” and there was no Sleepytime Tea (Celestial Seasonings) or something like Tazo Rest or Bedtime Story (Lipton), I would be sorely confused and disappointed. lol

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Oh and there are several tea’s called “Midsummer Night” or “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” However, I’ve only tried the one by David’s Tea and I can’t recommend it.

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Dark and stormy night – Adagio.

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apt said

silver needles

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Tell us more about this pea blossom tea. It brews up midnight blue? That sounds amazing. Please tell me it tastes as lovely as it looks.

Lion select said

Hi Christina.

Butterfly Pea Flower tea is a popular Thai drink. From what I understand it is usually drank iced, but can be drank hot as well. I’ve been drinking it for about a year now and have usually enjoyed it hot. Often a squeeze of lime juice is added to iced versions. This causes a chemical reaction that turns the tea from blue to violet.

While the drink itself is good, I’d say the experience is more for the aesthetics of the tea. I’ve always found the flavor a bit unremarkable, though it is high in antioxidants and very healthy.

I’ve got a review of it here if you’d like to check it out:

darby select said

I need to get some!

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mrmopar said

How about “White Night” from Mandala? They have some outstanding teas.

+1 I’ve had both Mandala tea’s White Night and Bana’s Moonlight White and they are pretty different.

Lion select said

Also considering this one now. The tasting notes people have left are pretty interesting.

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Starry Night from Art of Tea would perfectly fit your theme! It’s an assam with vanilla and star shaped white tea.

Lion select said

Very interesting one! I will keep this in mind! I think right now I’m mostly considering this one or Golden Stars from Butiki. The little star-shape woven teas seem like a must have for this kind of theme. :3

Katiek said

Starry Night was going to be my suggestion as well, but then I’m a sap for vanilla teas!

I’d also agree that some sort of herbal tea or something without caffeine would be a good choice for people who can’t drink caffeine at night.

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