Teavivre contest - any Steepsterers win anything?

So the Teavivre contest is over! I’d love to know if any Steepsterers were lucky? The chances were good – there were 46 entries and 36 possible prizes.

It looks like I just won the $3 giftcard that everyone who entered received. But I’m happy with that anyway… I was planning an order!

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I, too, got only the coupon. However, the list of the winners on their website doesn’t match up with the number of prizes available (21 vs 36). I’m wondering if they’ll be distributing the 50g prizes separately.

oh hmm. I’m hoping they warn me if they are sending me anything, because I could place my order at the same time and they could ship it together to save them some shipping.

I think the 21 prizes they list are “20 sampler packs” and the “yixing teapot”. The 15 review awards I think they select manually, by actually choosing the most deserving reviews. My review was a bit on the simple side (just a tasting note on here) so I probably won’t win that prize.

So far I got the $3 dollar coupon but my name is also on the list, I’m so excited (hope I’m the only Mattias on there :)).

Earlier in spring I actually got one of the 20g She Qian Dragonwell from a giveaway they had, which I only received the other day, it’s such a lovely tea. It’s really nice with these giveaways, good to win something for a change :).

Trumpetsvamp – I think you’re right.. the 15 review awards aren’t listed yet. I forgot they were “review” awards.

Heh. I placed an order right before I won. And I hope they liked my reviews. I was confused, if I could just review on the sight to enter that contest, or I had to post elsewhere.

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I got the $3 coupon, as well.:]
It looks like TheTeaFairy won something, though!^.^

Albertocanfly, yay! I just saw it :-)

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Ah cool! I got the coupon and also checked to see who else won and I found my name on the list. How very exciting!

So you didn’t get an email yet about winning a prize other than the $3 coupon? Hmm, wonder what you won! :D

Yep, so far all I have received is the coupon. Unless it is another person named Amanda W. that won…clearly I should have picked a catchier name to enter with :P

I am super excited to find out…and might be stalking my email more than usual.

refresh refresh lol me too

I am so glad it is not just me :P

Good luck Amanda :-)

Gasp! You maybe won the yixing?!?

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Just the coupon for me :)

Congrats to the winners!!!

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Hmm, there IS a Stephanie on the list…but so far all I got was an email about the $3. Maybe it was a different Stephanie ;)

I hope you won something, that would be so awesome :)

All of the prizes looked fabulous!

I hope it’s you on that list Stephanie, good luck :-)

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Uniquity said

I only got an e-mail about the $3 coupon but I see my name on the list as well! Perhaps I did win something more. Even the coupon is nice for me – encouragement to pick up a few restock items. :-D


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No email for me yet, but I know did get the $3 coupon. My name is on the list too. At least my last initial’s there.

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Got the 3$ coupon too, my name is not on the list :(

Congrats to all the winners.

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I got the $3 coupon emailed to me so far. Though, Oooooo! Looks like my name on the list (yay for having an uncommon first name)!

Link to contest http://www.teavivre.com/news/share-spring-tea-review/

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They sent me the $3 coupon, but I’m on the winner list. Don’t know what I won though.

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