Green Tea - Looking for the best

I am looking for a great tasting green tea to drink in the morning. I am really interested in loose-leaf tea at this time. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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cookies said

There are just so many suggestions I wouldn’t even know where to start. Do you have a preference on flavored/unflavored, roasted, pan fried…?

I am currently in an exploratory phase when it comes to teas but am currently looking for a green tea to get the most antioxidant benefit. At this moment I prefer a softer green tea taste with floral aromas. I do not care for the overpowering grass-like aromas.

cookies said

Okay, then I’d recommend trying some jasmine greens. I’m a big fan of jasmine pearls, but also enjoy regular jasmine infused leaves. My favorite green tea is lavender sencha (I like Ito En’s) which you would probably enjoy if you’re looking for floral notes. Also genmaicha and hojicha are really nice green teas that aren’t grassy.

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I suggest gyokuro. If I could only choose one green tea to drink to the rest of my life, that would be it. It has a very strong vegetal taste which does it for me. Dragonwell is very good too, but not like gyokuro. Not for me at least. Are you looking for straight green teas or flavored green teas?

Thank you for your response. I am in an exploratory phase; interested in all flavors of teas at this point. I really like white tea with berries but I want to find a great tasting/nice aroma for a green tea as I would like to take advantage of the antioxidant power of green tea.

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Mandy said

If you want to try a few straight green teas to see what kind you like, has some pretty good samplers. ~$20 for ~8oz of tea depending on the sampler. I got the green tea sampler and I feel like it’s really helped me find what it is I do and don’t like in a green tea.

Thank you for your response. I will check out I like a lighter, softer green tea with floral fragrance.

Well that eliminates gyokuro. Lol

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The best green tea that I have ever had (so far) was Anji Bai Cha (specifically from Teasenz, which also has sample sizes if you want to just try it) it was delicate, floral, sweet, with a little bit of the vegetal notes and nutty notes.

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