Hblamo said

Iced Tea.

As its summer I figured that it might be time to put away some of the hotter teas, and break in some of the iced teas! Especially here in Florida, where it is 98 Degrees with 100% humidity.

Does anyone have any good iced tea recipes?

Personally I have been making some Tazo Iced Green Teas (Bagged… I know I’m lame…) and adding Classic Syrup, with some lemonade, something like the Starbucks ice tea.

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Cofftea said

My basic iced tea recipe (using all teas except Japanese greens and Pu Erh):
2.25g for every 6oz of iced tea (21.33g/gallon), cover w/ just enough purified water heated to the proper temp for the tea you’re using to ensure proper steeping. Steep for the required length of time and decant into the container that is going in the fridge. Top with cold (preferably refridgerated) purified water.

Cooling methods (In order of my personal preference):
Just pop in the fridge as is, then pour and drink (the tea will be actually quite cool as soon as the cold water is added- cold enough to drink for my taste)

Use frozen unsweetened fruit instead of ice in a 1:1 ratio and bend)

Make extra tea and make tea cubes (when using this method, I like using equal parts cold tea and ice then blending)

Use regular ice (I really do not advise this method because it wastes so much tea and money- you need to make the tea 2x strength to compensate for the plain ice).

(I never sweeten my iced tea)

A lemonade or limeade tea can be made by following the recipe except using premade cold tea instead of plain cold water. I personally also alter the recipe by omiting the sugar.

A non alcoholic sangria using tea instead of wine.

It’s not a conventional iced tea idea, but 1tsp of matcha (I use plain, but Lupicia’s Matcha au Laits would be amazing too) in 8oz fresh squeezed OJ is AMAZING. Serve James Bond Style or freeze half of the OJ and add OJ cubes, liquid OJ, and matcha in a blender and blend for a killer slushy. Make a matcha screw driver by adding a shot of vodka per serving before blending- garnish w/ green olives. Make a matcha dreamsicle by adding a shot of Baileys per serving before blending.

Ok, so those ideas were more than iced tea ideas, but still:) They are still technically iced matcha ideas.

Iced teas (especially ones like Root Beer and Cherry Cola) can be served as a mock soda by using corbonated water instead of the plain cold water. Sweeten… ahem… if you must. LOL j/k – this idea is ESPECIALLY good for making mojiTEAS. I suggest using a white or green tea for this.

Hblamo said

Huh, I never thought about making tea ice cubes. I need to try that!

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Cofftea said
Hblamo said

Oh thank you!!!

I couldn’t find a search tool for the forum… (seems to be a problem after looking in the most wanted features thread..)

These are very helpful, thank you.

Cofftea said

If you’re at the front page of discussions that lists all the different threads, it’s at the upper right corner between the “Start a New Discussion” button and the Steepster Select box.

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Hblamo said

Oh wow, where did that come from?

Haha, thanks again!

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Hey Hblamo,

Check out our blog! We have one good recipe that is popular at our restaurant! If you don’t have our Watermelon tea then you should just try this out with any fruit blend! Another great way to jazz up your iced tea is by adding clear sodas or garnishes like lemon/orange…


Here’s another tip on how to get the tea flavor to stay the same without being diluted by the ice: http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/blog/how-to-make-iced-tea/

Cofftea said

Frozen watermelon makes a GREAT sub for Ice when making a blended iced tea. I like white or green tea + peppermint (4.5g tea and 2.25g peppermint/6oz of water).

Hblamo said

Thank you Sanctuary, I will try them out! :D

@Cofftea, I bet it is, I tried the frozen tea ice cubes you were talking about, and really enjoyed that!
It got me thinking about how much I want a green tea hard candy…. (I know its around, just need to find it) haha

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If anyone would like to share their iced tea recipes for a chance to win $50 to our tea shop, here’s the chance for you to enter!
This is our facebook page for the contest: http://www.facebook.com/sanctuaryt#!/sanctuaryt?sk=app_210637892313370

Can’t wait to see them!

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