Calling all UK tea drinkers... I need a good shop

I’m not sure how many people on this site are from the UK but there is a distinct lack of good online tea shops over here. Very few sellers that I have found have a decent range of quality loose tea.

Adagio now has a UK site ( ), which is great but is doesn’t have the range of the US site.

Could anyone recommend some good tea shops in the UK? The shipping costs from the US is just mental.

Thanks in advance!


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cuppa_fox said

I use Grey’s teas – not always perfect, but a wide range, reasonable prices.
I recently visited Camelia World in London, and was also impressed – lots of blends rather than single tea types.

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Angrboda said

I’m in Denmark, so naturally I’m interested in this too. In Denmark, though, we have AC Perch’s which I’m very fond of. I’m not sure what their shipping costs are to the UK specifically, but since it’s within the EU it should definitely be better than from the US. It’s worth having a look, I think.

Also, check out They have a worldwide shipping fee of about four dollars. Almost too good to be true, yes, but it IS true.

EDIT: Also 52Teas, as I have just discovered myself, ships to the UK. Although it is a US shop, their $2 handling fee per item seems at first glance to be very very reasonable. (Unfortunately they don’t presently ship to Denmark. Have launched grovelling campaign.)

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Wow thanks for the the info. Just to sum up, incase anyone else finds themselves on this thread

A great list of UK/EU tea stockists: – US but international shipping only $3.80 :)

Most have free or reasonable delivery to the UK and EU. If I come across anymore I’ll add them here.

Angrboda said

Wow, apart from Adagio and the ones I suggested I didn’t know ANY of these! I’m bookmarking the lot.

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Grinnyguy said

I’m from the UK too. I used to buy First Class Teas before they closed, but I have spotted that they seem to be returning under the name Iford Manor Teas (

There’s also Aurora teas which has a large selection (

TeaHaus ( ship from the US and do very good teas, though I haven’t yet found out their delivery charges… I drank some in the US so am planning to order sometime.

Glad to see that someone else is from the UK, there don’t seem to be very many of us on here. I hate the fact that the British – famous for drinking tea – are so terrible at finding anything half-decent to drink

I’ve also used some of those above – Grey’s Teas and Teapigs – I can recommend them both

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Auggy said

Teacuppa ( is based in Malaysia and has a flat rate of $4 shipping anywhere in the world (though prices are USD). Customer service can be a bit iffy but they’ve got some really good oolongs.

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We have several customers in the UK. It always tickles me that we’re here in the US shipping tea to England. But our customers there (our customers everywhere) love what we do.

Our shipping to the UK is just $2 per item or per week (if you order one of our subscription plans, we will send you our new Tea of the Week every week in the mail).

Incidentally, if you found this thread and are from somewhere besides the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark or Israel (all the countries we have shipped to/know we CAN ship to), please send me a message. I’m adding countries as we go along, and I LOVE adding new places to the list of places we ship to.

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Bit late coming to this thread (only recently found the Steepster site), but Jing Tea are very good, who are purely online sales. Tea Palace in Covent Garden is great too with a lovely little retail shop in the piazza and who also have an online service too (they have some wonderful tea accessories too).

For other London-based tea-drinkers, I cannot recommend Orange Pekoe in Barnes enough. It’s a fantastic tea shop near the Thames in this lovely villagey part of London, and the owner/manageress is very friendly and clearly has a passion for tea. Their website is currently under construction but you can still order tea online – just drop them an email and they are exceptionally helpful.

Email addresses:

Jing Tea –
Tea Palace –
Orange Pekoe –

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I would like to self introduce our teashop. We are based in Guangzhou, China. We only carry the high quality of fine Chinese tea to international tea lovers, since we find out the fine teas are not many in overseas.
Our international delivery cost is competitive, USD4.4 for goods under 300g. 100g goods, it is 1.6USD only.
Hope we can share good teas together.

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Marie said

What about Fortnum and Mason on Picadilly? I had the opportunity to pass by their shop in London on my way to Knight’s Bridge. Unfortunately it was past their closing time for the day.

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Brambr said

I know this is a very old topic but I’m new here and I found this topic very interesting because I’m new to ordering tea online. There aren’t that many EU based online shops and shipping is sometimes really expensive.
I just ordered tea from ‘JK Tea Company’ and from ‘’ (based in the Netherlands so shipping is reasonable there too). More about the shops when my teas are here.

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