Tea Giveaway! (US only.)

Hey everyone. I cleaned out my tea cabinet today, and I want to give away some of the tea I’m not that keen on. It’s a whooooole lotta tea, and some are in large quantities.

I’ve arranged the tea into 3 different boxes. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to break them up, because it will be far easier to ship this way, and I really just want this tea to go to better homes as quickly as possible. Once all boxes are claimed, I will send them all out at the same time.

Box 1:
Mighty Leaf Organic Sencha (4 oz)
Mighty Leaf Organic Houjicha (4 oz)
Teavana Cacao Mint Black (~2 oz)
Lupicia Cookie (~1.5 oz)
Teavana Zingiber Ginger Coconut (~2T)
Adagio Rooibos Vanilla (1 oz)
Adagio Caramel (1 oz)

Box 2:
Teavana Black Dragon Pearls (~3 oz)
Teavana Eastern Beauty Oolong (~3 oz)
Teavana Azteca Fire (2 oz)
52 Teas Mayan Chocolate Chai (2 oz)
Adagio Kukicha (1 oz)
Adagio Almond Oolong (1 oz)

Box 3:
Teavana Haute Chocolate (~4 oz)
Teavana Rooibos Sweet Amore (~3 oz)
Teavana Thai Tea Blend (2 oz)
52 Malted ChocoMate (2 oz)
Adagio Pouchong (1 oz)
Adagio Thai Chai (1 oz)

If you’re interested in any of these 3, please comment here and then PM me your address. If you need me to add you first, let me know!

I’m sorry, but I can only send to US residents.

[EDIT:] Everything’s been claimed! Those of you who are taking this tea off my hands, thank you so much!! I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Glamorosi said

I would love to try Box 2!
Please add me so I can PM you! :-D

It’s yours! And I added you. :)

Glamorosi said

Thank you for your kindness! I just sent a PM. :-D

Cofftea said

That would have been my choice- so many yummy teas!

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I would love Box 3 if possible

Of course! I added you so you can PM me.

Thank you and I will PM you now.

Cofftea said

Enjoy your tea Rachel- you need it! The Pouchong is SO tasty. It’s clean and crisp so you might be able to drink it hot now, but it’s also amazing cold w/ no sweetener needer.

Cofftea – it is funny you say that because today all I am doing is drinking tea. It is giving me some peace. Weird huh?

Cofftea said

Not weird at all, because that’s exactly what you should be doing:)

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I would like to try Box 1 if possible!

It’s yours! :) I’ve added you so you can PM me your address.

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