Jason select said

Tea Cocktails: What are your favorites?

Tea + alcohol can a lot of [responsible] fun! What are some of your favorite tea-based or tea-infused cocktails? Don’t forgot to share the recipes too.

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Jason select said

Here are a few we’ve been sipping on recently:

Iced Great Tea Mojito from Skinnytaste: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2012/05/iced-green-tea-mojito.html

Leland Palmer from Bon Appetit: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/the-leland-palmer

Rooibos Tea Cocktail from Food & Wine: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/rooibos-tea-cocktail-cocktails-2007

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cookies said

Chilled Lapsang Souching and whiskey are a good match.

Jason select said

Not the biggest lapsang fan, but that sounds like a tasty combo!

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Lala said

My absolute favorite is my version of an Arnold Palmer (AKA iced tea lemonade). I have a herbal lemon tea make of lemon peel (King Tut Lemonade) and I “steep” it in gin, preferably overnight if I have planned things out right. Then I mix the gin with chilled orange pekoe and enjoy.

That sounds AMAZING.

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SarsyPie said

I make tea wine. Cold brew tea (hot brew was bitter), add about a ton of sugar & some yeast. Ferment. Then do some more steps and drink it!

It was especially nice with a jasmine tea. I think I may try a vanilla tea next.

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I want to make one with my mint julep tea. Suggestions?

Mandy said

Maybe a recipe like this:
But to use mint julep tea instead of plain water when making the simple syrup?

I have Moroccan Mint from Teavana. Maybe it was meant to be a cocktail.

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Arshness said

Caramel AppleTEAni :)
I make apple tea, let it cool, mix with caramel kiss vodka, a bit of apple pucker to make it a little sour, and some simple syrup to taste, shake it like a bubbble tea and drizzle caramel syrup around the rim. It’s ridiculously delicious.

arul said

This sounds amazing. What kind of apple tea do you use? And, what exactly is apple pucker?

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Togo said

Has anyone experimented with cocktails using raw pu-erh and Dan Cong? I feel like both could work with gin, but I haven’t tried any combinations yet. Any other ideas?

What about other teas? I think Ye Sheng varietal black teas, fukamushi sencha and some types of hei cha also have potential.

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