iamdooser said

Recommend tea pot?

At home I normally brew a single cup. I’d rarely wanted more than that; if I wanted a second cup I change up the tea selection. At my nearest tea room they have bodum infusers. It’s a pain in the butt to have to remove the infuser from the too-hot water to prevent over-extraction. But, once done it’s nice to have a pot which I can brood over for two or three cups.

I’ve since developed a desire to have such a pot at home. So, can you recommend a pot? Preferably something where I can easily stop the extraction, while keeping the brewed tea in the pot to stay warm until I’m ready for my next cup. Preferably not plastic, as I just do not trust plastic in hot liquids. Must be at least two units in volume, so I can have a second cup. Bonus points to items that are on Amazon and are Prime eligible.

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They have cute pots from Finum! (http://www.finum.com/) I’m pretty sure they have some of their wares available on Amazon as well.
Some of their tea makers have this neat little mechanism that turns all the way around so you don’t oversteep your leaves, which is quite handy if you don’t want to deal with too-hot liquid.

Personally I really like (hhttp://www.amazon.com/IQ-Innovations-51552-Gourmet-Machine/dp/B001EN4EHW/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1280468221&sr=8-12) if you have an extra $300 laying around. It looks SUPER fancy.

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Caitlin said

I have this teapot http://www.amazon.com/Primula-40-Ounce-Teapot-Infuser-Flowering/dp/B002T1TUHC/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1280491048&sr=8-9 and I love it! It’s a great size and it comez with tea which is always a plus. The black part is plastic butbthe whole inside is glass and the plastic keeps it from getting too hot. The only downside I would agree is getting the infused out. I usually wiggle it out with a fork or a butter knife and put it in a cup or bowl if I want to save it for later, but this is a good cheap little everyday pot.

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Spot52 select said

I recommend this,http://www.denstea.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=275_327. It is not exactly what you described, but it great for making single cups of tea. The only issue I have with larger pots is the amount of leaf needed to get multiple cups. Of course, I resteep the leaves. So instead of one cup multiple times, I would be drinking one pot multiple times. I am only speaking from my experience, I bought a larger pot first (from forlife, their pots are cool), and I wish I had bought a smaller one first. I hardly ever use the forlife pot anymore.
If you are interested in larger pots,
ForLife has stylish stuff
as does BeeHouse

Both companies put out some great looking products that have removable brewing baskets (which would help with stopping the brewing process)

iamdooser said

Oh I really like these ForLife NewLeaf pots. Thanks!

iamdooser said

Aw man, 7$ shipping :(

you can always be lazy (like me at times) go to walgreens, target or anyplace and get a single cup coffee maker from Mr Coffee does not do that bad and also you can get them pretty cheap.

When I find one that I really like I move over to a yixing teapot but I use Mr Coffee to make sure I like it first

Spot52 select said

There are retailers who carry their stuff. Around here, Sur la Table carries ForLife. I googled for sites:
There are tons of retailers.

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May I recommend a Chatsford teapot? They come with an infuser basket that is almost as large as the belly of the teapot. The infuser has a tab (that does not hot) to remove the leaves from the pot. I use the infuser basket alone in my teacups when I just want to brew one cup. These teapots are worth every penny!
Here is what upton has to offer:
And here is a fun striped version!
This article helped me when I was looking for my first teapot:
Good luck on finding your teapot:)

iamdooser said

Oh I like the Chatsfords. Hopefully I can find one nearby, or with inexpensive shipping costs.

You can’t go wrong with a Chatsford. The Earthenware pots are very durable and that infuser basket is the BEST. Upton has a flat rate shipping of $4.20. Just a word of caution on the colors, that green is a forest green (I ordered that one hoping for a jade color but it was dark forest green, it has since go on to live with mrawlins2 and she loves that teapot)

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At work, I have one of these:


and I LOVE it. I usually make 2-3 infusions from my leaves, so I do have 2-3 cups of tea, but I have to refill it with water. The infusing basket is very easy to remove, and the lid flips over to act as a saucer between steeps.

At home I have


Which again, I love. Perfect for making tea for more than one (I usually drink tea at home with my husband). It makes 3 cups. Also easy to remove the basket, but you have to provide your own saucer. I love it for home, but for work day ease I much prefer the infusing mug!

I hope you find something that you love!

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So this could be a silly question but does everyone out there heat their water and then put it in a teapot? Or does anyone use a teapot (kettle) on the stove? How do you make your tea? What products do you use or want to see being used?

i heat water in a breville electric kettle then put it in my teapot

Cofftea said

RE: “How do you make your tea? What products do you use or want to see being used?” See my various posts here. Namely though, Breville.

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