Oregon Tea drinkers

So, I’m planning sometime in (early) September to travel up from California to Portland to spend a few nights in a youth hostel and drink in a bit of Oregon. It’s going to be a 13 hour drive, and, well, any sort of distraction on the way up or back would be really nice. It would also be nice to have a place to go once I get to the hostel.
So, anyone up for sharing a cuppa with a (soon-to-be) weary traveler?

Also, if anyone knows any great tea places to check out in Portland, or on the way to Portland, hook a brotha up. I’m not much for site seeing, more for absorbing the culture and drinking tea, ya know?

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You should visit Townshend’s Tea Shop. I love Alberta Street – I love the vibe.


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Cofftea said

The original Tao of Tea tea house (the oldest in PDX) looks amazing!:)

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