Zack S. said

Want to buy samples of your teas!

I am always looking for ways to try new teas without committing to buying a full 1oz. I’m trying to diversify my palette and discover some new favorite teas or companies. Some sites have samples available, but a lot do not offer them. I thought that Steepster community would be a great way to get my hands on some samples, since a lot of you have very large cupboards. So if you want to sell me a good amount of samples, here is what I wish to do:

1.) Please make sure your Cupboard up-to-date, and that every tea you have listed is available for me
2.) Please be sure that they are relatively fresh teas, not year-old or anything
3.) Post here letting me know you are interested, and Follow me so that we can exchange messages regarding prices/shipping etc
4.) I will look through your cupboard and message you the teas I am interested in

Any questions or comments plz feel free to reply here, thanks!

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Sure, message me. However, some in my cupboard I can’t share as some teas are only a sample size or I haven’t opened it yet. Of course, there’s some I won’t part with.

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Anlina said

I’d be interested. My cupboard is up to date, though some teas I only have a sample or a cup left, and some are relatively old. If you feel like going through and picking out what looks interesting to you, please send me a message.

I also don’t mind picking up any Cornelia Bean teas you’d like to try, even if I don’t have them.

Note that I live in Canada, though shipping from Canada to the US is fairly inexpensive.

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Frolic select said

I have a decent number of teas on your wishlist so send me a message and I’ll let you know what I have and you can let me know if there are any other things in my cupboard you’d like to sample.

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Zack S. said

Messaging all of you right now!

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I’ve got some tea I want to sell off, most is sample size.

From Della Terra and David’s Teas.
Zack S. said

I saw a couple things I’d want but not enough to make it worth our hassle.

Did you look at my page on the stash sales? Not everything is in the cupboard.

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