Dxniel said

I bought my first Yixing teapots. Are these any good? Was this a good deal?

I have wanted a Yixing teapot for a while now (preferably 3 one for Tieguanyin, Da Hong Pao/Phoenix Dancong and one for shu puerh), but I did not have a lot of money to spend to get a high quality Yixing teapot. After some time I decided to look on a website where people can sell their own stuff, in hopes to find some good, cheap Yixing teapots.
One of the first advertisements was from a person selling 3 UNUSED Yixing teapots that looked very nice. He bought these teapots from an American website 8-10 years ago back in the 90’s (…..what?). I ended up purchasing them (but they have yet to be sent) for 40 euros (about 53 dollars). This was a bit of a gamble for me, because I have very little knowledge or understanding of Yixing teapots. I don’t know if anyone can tell the quality of a Yixing teapot from a picture, but if you can, please tell me whether this was a good purchase or not.
Although they are very pretty looking, do these Yixing teapots seem to be of good enough quality to be worth seasoning and eventually brewing high quality teas in? Or would these pots be a waste of high quality tea? Or is there no way to estimate a Yixing teapots quality by just looking at it?

Here are the pictures: http://imgur.com/a/dCmbM
I was told that the green/blue lotus teapot has another stamp under it’s handle.

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Cwyn said

$53 is great for 3 Yixing pots of even poor quality. I really doubt these are 90s but it doesn’t matter since you are paying so little. I think they will be fine and the flat shape is appropriate for the oolong teas you plan to use.

Dxniel said

On ebay some Yixing teapots are available for as little as 8 dollars, and they’d be brand new. I was a bit worried about the pots I purchased. For all I knew they might have been cheap pots being resold for a much higher price.

I actually looked around on ebay searching for these pots. If I could find them on ebay for a cheap price, I wouldn’t have bought them. I didn’t find them though (but I did find one very similar to the red/brown pot with the same measurements, but I assumed this was a coincidence or some standard measurement being used for these pots), so I bought them.

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The green one looks really neat.

Dxniel said

It does, doesn’t it?

I actually wanted my first Yixing teapot to be a similar design. I got very lucky and exactly what I wanted + 2 other pots.

Yes, it looks like Gaudi architecture!

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