Looking for Steepsterites in the Chicago area...I am thinking Tea Party

Hi everyone,
So it seems I have come into a lot of tea lately, some I like, some not so much, some I haven’t even tried but I was thinking what better way to enjoy this bounty than with my Steepster friends. I was thinking if you are in the Chicago area we should start a “Steepster Club” as it were and meet every once in a while for tasting and good conversation. I am not sure if anything like this has been done but if not what does everyone think?

Are you in?


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Spot52 select said

What a great idea, I wish I were in chi town.

Cofftea said

Me too- Chicago Steepster Meet Up would be awesome!

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Tony does a tea meetup in chicago, if you didn’t know….. http://www.meetup.com/tealovers/

Thanks I didn’t know that.

no problem :)

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