[Suggestion] A "Tealog" Button

I don’t want to write a review every time I drink a cup of tea. But, I’d like to track the tea i do drink.

A button that just logged the that i drank a tea would be great instead of a link from the review page saying “ill review this later”

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AJ said

It’s only one extra click. You don’t even have to click ‘review this later’. Exiting the window or pressing log while leaving the area blank will still log it. This is to allow people to still record the temperature and time they used for steeping.

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@AJ – I know, but it would be more clear. I mean there is one for shopping list and cupboard, why not tealog

Cofftea said

I think AJ covered the answer to the question “Why not tealog?” wonderfully and I personally agree w/ him completely. As for this thread, please move it to a post in this thread here:

Thank you.

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rmd said

I’m definitely late to the tealog discussion, but I think http://daytum.com/ would be a great option for the folks that are most interested in logging each cup they drink. I used it a couple years ago to track running, reading, and tea drinking. I’ve slacked on it, but it might be useful. It also has a few cool chart/graph options for viewing your data.

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