Fu Brick Tea( tea with probiotics named Eurotium cristatum)!!!!!!!!

The first Fu brick tea was produced in A.D. 1368 (The early Ming Dynasty) , which generally used the green tea originated from Shaanxi, Sichuan,and Hunan Provinces as raw material,which were compressed to the brick shape, because it is processed in the hottest weeks of the summer,so it is called as“Fu Tea”, since Fu means the hottest period of the summer in Chinese.

As the one of the most important goods in The Silk Road trade history ,Fu brick tea was originated in Xianyang,Shaan xi province,it had long been the main product of the trade caravan toward the west regions,then there was the saying of “ fu tea ten miles away, its fragrance already the shepherd’s house”.Shaanxi province was the birth place of fu brick tea, However, these tea processing enterprises had been shut down by the government in 1958. After 50 years’ termination,fu brick tea manufacturing in Shaanxi is recovering, which is based on the traditional tea handmade skill,and by clean production,automated manufacturing way,At present,the annual output of our tea factory is about 5000 tons. The National Intangible Cultural Heritage has been given to our craftsman,and showing glow the full of vitality.

The special health care efficacy and taste is come from the magic of “Golden Flower”,the golden ball shape of “Eurotium Cristatum” is produced by “second fermentation process,commonly called “Golden Flower”.“Golden flower” is a kind of probiotics, it can control body high blood fats and blood sugar effectively,recuperate intestines and stomach,improve modern urban people’s sub-health condition .
Fu brick tea Features :
1.Tea fragrance is suitable for the tastes of the public ,especially in “Golden Flower” probiltics
2.Fu brick tea is deeply ferment tea,endure repeated infusions, it can drink by boiling and cooking,and also can mix with milk,butter,sugar and salt and so on.
3.lower fats and helping digestion, fu brick tea can improve stomach protease digesting and absorbing.
4.lower blood sugar, fu brick tea can adjust insulin in blood for concentration level .and adjust blood sugar

any one wants to know the tea, pls send me your mail address, i will send picture of the special tea.

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