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The Brief Introduction Of Fu Brick Tea

Fu brick tea is the most distinctive tea which is belonging to dark tea in the six kinds teas. The “golden flower” (Eurotium Cristanum) is proprietary, and it can be seen on Gu brick tea only. Fu brick tea is fermented tea with the complate ferment process.
Fu brick tea is invented in A.D. 1368 by people in Xianyang city, Shaanxi province. They use Hunan tea, sichuan tea as raw materials, and make it manually. It is called “Jingyang brick tea” at that time because the raw material was sent to Jingyang to process.It is also called “Fu tea” because it is made in the dog days of summer. It was produced for offical reason, and sold by the govement, so it is caled ”official tea”. Since the Ming and Qing dynasty, shaanxi merchants came to Jingyang, making and selling it. At that time, they toke the majority of Chinese tea market.
Why the tea was made in Jing yang:
First: water from Jing River;
Second: climate in Guanzhong plain;
Third: unique technology in Shaanxi Jingyang.
These three points come from the experience of people in Shaanxi. Of course, the quality of water and climate are also taking the most important place.
Fu brick tea is angular with smooth surface, consistent thickness and luxuriant “Golden Flower”; it is full of fragrance is pure, and tasts smooth. The coronoid bacteria is unique which is commonly known as “golden flower” It is suitable for people in cold area and having greasy foods.

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