I am looking to swap.

These are what I do not want,so I want to swap. 52teas cherry vanilla cola,and wild cherry. Lupicia banane Chocolat. Bourgea tea chocolate mint roobios. Culinary teas baroness grey. Summit tea Cherie cherry paris blend. Kteas wild cherry black. Kteas south indian chai. Teas etc mango nut. Jing jasmine silverneedle. Kteas captain’s blend earl grey. And Art of tea hojicha de la creme.

I enjoy white teas. Black teas. I like mango,pear,peach,raspberry,watermelon,strawberries,vanilla,sometimes,caramel,apple,spearmint,orange,grape,pineapple,hazelnut,kiwi,fruity greens. blueberry. chocolate.

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Jillian said

I can offer:
Orange Chocolate Green Tea – Revolutions Tea
Blueberry Green Tea – Murchie’s
Vanilla Nut Decaf (black tea) – Stash
Sleepytime Vanilla (herbal) – Celestial Sesonings

I would like in exchange:
Mango Nut – Tea Etc.
Wild Cherry – 52Teas
Banane Chocolate – Lupicia
Hojicha de la Creme – Art of Tea

I’m pretty flexible, so if something doesn’t work for you, let me know. :)

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Jillian I would be interested in the sleepytime vanilla. do you have any st petersburg from kusmi left that you would be willing to send even a teaspoon. the shipping from here to Canada Is abit more then I usually prefer. What would you like to do?

Jillian said

I’ve got plenty of St. Petersburg left so I don’t mind giving you some. I take it you’re not interested in the Orange Chocolate, Blueberry Green, and Vanilla Nut then? If you want you can see if there’s anything else in my cupboard you’d like.

As for shipping, what I do is use a bubble envelop with the teas in little plastic baggies so that it all stays flat. If the package is under a certain thickness it can be sent quite cheaply via airmail. Granted that’s with Canada Post, I have no idea what sort of shipping options you’d have in the States I’m afraid.

Jaime said

Jillian, I’d be interested in the orange chocolate if there’s anything in my cupboard you’re interested in.

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Meghann M said

Oooh, the cherry teas sound right up my alley. I really want the Summit Tea Cherie cherry Paris blend. I’d love the 52 teas cherry vanilla cola and Kteas wild cherry. I’m willing to swap any teas in my cupboard. Feel free to PM me.

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Update I am going to swap with Meghann M for the cherry teas she has asked for.

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I thought long and hard about this and you may call me whatever you feel like but I finally after the stupid moments realized that I do not wish to swap on my part out of the united states.

Jillian said

Fair enough, I’d much rather you tell me upfront like this rather than a situation where I send you tea and only later find that you’re not sending me anything back.

It’s all good, hon. :)

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