I’ve tried a few different lemon and ginger-type teas, and they have had the advantage of being caffeine free, but this one’s flavour is the best, for sure. I had it sweetened and it has a pleasant grassy kind of taste with just a hint of lemon and some slightly stronger gingery notes over that. Ideally, the lemon and ginger would be stronger (particularly the lemon, which is kind of a ghost here), but this way, you can appreciate the taste of the tea leaves, so fair enough. You could also just add some of your own fresh lemon and ginger too, or mix it with another tea that has stronger ginger and lemon elements I guess. I may have been expecting the flavour to be a bit different because similar teas I’ve had in the past have had ginger and lemon as the only thing going on. As it is, it has a very pleasant aftertaste of a lemon and ginger candy or something similar. Something that was really nice about this tea is that I’ve had problems in the past with what I feel is a kind of staleness or overly dry, bland kind of taste to ginger in tea. Maybe the green tea adds some freshness to the flavour that prevents this. I was pretty glad that this tea didn’t have that aspect! To me, the main drawback to it is its lack of lemon, which is disappointing because lemon goes so well with green tea. You get a tiny suggestion of lemon at the end of a sip, but otherwise, it basically tastes more like a ginger green tea to me, though a well orchestrated one that I’d probably buy again.

This tea has a really soothing, subtle feel to it. “Peaceful” would be a good description of the vibe of this tea (the vibe, but not the effect—it could just be the fact that even a single cup of tea will really wake me up, but I had two or three cups of this today and even though the taste was peaceful, it certainly didn’t have a calming effect! Don’t drink it at night!) A word of warning: I always over-steep stuff, and this tea wasn’t as forgiving as many other teas are. Its flavour was still great, but there was a bit of a noticeable bitterness that may have been prevented had I watched the steeping time.

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I come from Australia, but I’ve been in Europe for the last eight months and tea-wise, it’s been surprisingly good for me.

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