26 Tasting Notes


This tea has a slight chocolate-y taste, though it’s subtle. Vadham’s description says “muscatel” but I’m getting far more cinnamon-y and rich flavors rather than fruity. It tastes very brown and earthy to me. I might try to steep a bit longer next time.

Flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Earth, Nutmeg

3 min, 0 sec

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I saw this tea recommended in a book about teas and so had to try it. The flavor is deep and somewhat fruity with a rich finish. There’s a delicate astringency at the end that’s not unpleasant, but the best part for me are the complex tastes at the front. There’s a lot of depth in this tea, and I can tell I’m gonna enjoy experimenting with steep times to get the most out of it.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Yeah, I can’t recommend this one. The blend sounds intriguing, but it tastes like soggy popcorn. The maple flavor is not apparent at all. And taffy’s a flavor that maybe just doesn’t go well with a tea.

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So, this tea is both good and weird. The weirdness is what makes it good. I add a bit of almond milk to enhance the dark chocolate flavor, but what thrills me about this tea is the sting at the end from the chill. Good sting! Not bad sting! It gives a complete bite at the end of a pretty rich flavor that is very pleasant. I recommend and insist everybody try this tea.

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This tea goes great with a dollop of milk. It’s caramel-y and sweet, to the point where I don’t see the need to add sugar. The only downside is that, well, it is a bit one-note. But that makes it ideal to blend with some other variety. :)

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I use this as a cold-brew because it’s smooth and refreshing and just a bit chocolate-y but not overwhelmingly so.


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This is actually one of my favorite Christmas teas. It goes well with almond milk and a little brown sugar. I think it tastes more like cinnamon. It doesn’t feel rich enough to be gingerbread. But it’s bright and sweet and goes well on a cold snowy night.

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This has long been a favorite of mine. It’s bright but mellow. Smooth and deep. I’ve tried a couple other citrus/pu erh blends that were overpowering on the citrus. This Adagio mix keeps the citrus notes subtle enough to just complement the earthy pu erh flavour without overwhelming the whole cup. This was my daily tea for a while, but I’ve recently gotten back in the habit of experimenting. I’ll probably go back to this on the regular though.

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drank Dragonwell by Teavana
26 tasting notes

This is a sweet but gentle green tea. That sounds weird, but I guess I compare all greens to the first variety I drank: gunpowder. So most of them are gentle in relation. For this Dragonwell, I like the way it mellows at the end, so it starts sweet and then gets more full as you drink.

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