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drank Grape Matcha by Matcha Outlet
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Because I am fairly new to matcha, I have been trying samples from many different sources in an attempt to gain some experience in the area. So far, this matcha is definitely my favorite. It has truly opened my eyes to the beauty of matcha and how great it can taste!

I was initially unsure about trying a flavored matcha because I was afraid that the flavoring would overwhelm the taste of the actual matcha. I finally decided to just take a chance and order some… and I was not disappointed!

When I first opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet aroma. It smells like real grapes, not like grape candy as I had expected. As I prepared my first bowl, the grape smell became more subtle after the water was added. The familiar aroma of matcha then became more prominent. I had begun to think that the grape flavoring had disappeared altogether until I took my first sip. I was still able to taste the subtle hint of grape within the matcha. I am very pleased with the fact that the grape taste isn’t overpowering. Red Leaf Tea does offer their customers the option of increasing the flavor intensity though, if one does desires the flavoring to be more prominent.

The overall quality of the matcha is great as well! It is very finely ground and is a vibrant shade of green. It also has a natural sweetness, without bitterness, and leaves a great aftertaste in your mouth. This matcha’s quality has by far exceeded any others that I have tasted so far!

Red Leaf Tea offers such a wide variety of flavored matcha, and for an excellent price—especially when considering the high quality of their products! They also offer several customization options for each of their products, so that one is able to customize their matcha to be exactly how they want it. They offer three levels of matcha quality, four levels of flavor intensity, and even offer an excellent discount on accessories when purchased with the matcha! The grape matcha that I purchased can be found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/grape-matcha.html. When buying matcha from Red Leaf Tea, I would suggest making the additional $3 purchase for the small metal tin container because the flat pouch that their matcha comes in by default is not air tight or resealable. I am looking forward to trying many of their other products in the near future!

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