17 Tasting Notes

drank Chamomile Citron by Tea Forte
17 tasting notes

I was given this as a gift, and I managed to get through one whole cup and two partials before realizing that it’s really not for me. The flavor is just too “herb-y” for me; there’s just too much going on in this blend. I don’t think the peppermint and licorice really flow well with the citron, lemongrass and chamomile flavors. Maybe it’s just the particular canister I got, but either way, I’m probably going to have to toss this.

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I love a strong black tea, but this one had a bitter, almost coffee-like flavor to it. Super disappointing, as it sounded so delicious! I’ll probably fuss around with milk/sugar/steep times to try to make it taste better. At 20 mg per bag, it’s also too light on the caffeine content for me.

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
17 tasting notes

This is a basic but still delicious Earl Grey. The bergamot flavor isn’t too overwhelming, which is a problem I have with some Earl Greys, and overall the taste is smooth and inoffensive.

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This is my must-by tea. It usually retails for about $3.99, which is about the price of a single grande iced chai at Starbucks, so I’m saving a lot by making them myself. Plus, since I like a stronger chai taste, I can make them to suit me.

It has a beautiful spicy, almost peppery aftertaste that I love, and it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. To me, this is how (iced) chai should taste.

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drank Pumpkin Spice by Bigelow
17 tasting notes

I actually love this tea. It’s great with lots of milk and not too much sugar. I can definitely taste the pumpkin, and I don’t find the clove notes overwhelming at all. It’s a nice, light autumn flavor. I’m always jealous of my coffee-loving friends who get so excited about their Pumpkin Spice lattes, so I’m glad to have an affordable, delicious option of my own!

Bigelow Tea

We are so happy to hear how much you love our Pumpkin Spice…..it definetly is a great alternative to flavored coffees, when trying to capture the flavor of fall.
Thanks so much for sharing with us,
Kathy for Bigelow Tea

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This tea definitely grew on me. The Atomic Fireball taste kind of threw me off the first time I tried it, but now it’s one of my go-tos; it’s amazing to drink on a cool fall day. I generally add a lot of milk and just a touch of sugar, since the cinnamon makes it plenty sweet on its own. Just be careful not to steep it too long or the flavor gets overwhelming.

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This is just okay. It’s a pretty basic black with a slight vanilla after taste. Even after steeping it longer than directed, the vanilla flavor didn’t get any stronger. Next time, I’ll try using Vanilla Silk instead of milk and see how that improves it.

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