18 Tasting Notes


So today has been interesting. I had a slow day at work, but with a full tip jar! (bought How To Cook Your Life by Dogen, a very interesting read, and a mini Munny to color with Sam [the girlfriend] when she gets back from CT….just from tips!). Anywho, I came home to discover 1….2….3! Three boxes on my doorstep! I knew one was my Moroccan Mint tea from Davidson’s (review up later!), but what were the others? Oh wait, it’s this tea from Norbu and my new gaiwan from JAS eTea!

Norbu was kind enough not only to send me my order very neatly packaged, but also included a free sample of 2009 Norbu Lao Mansa! I was excited to try both, but for now let’s stick to the Yi Wu.

The leaves in this are really nice dry, they look just ready for the brewing. Rinse, dispose, pour in more water. 30 seconds-ish……omg.

This is amazing. I love this, it’s sweet and delicate but has that blunt woody finish that I know from the other Pu I’ve tried. Kind of like someone hitting your tongue with a hammer made of marshmallow.

Second infusion: Just as much amazing. This one added a lot of astringency at the end of the taste, at first I didn’t care for it, but it quickly grew on me.

Third Infusion: A liiitttlllee less flavor here, but not much. The astringency dropped back down to only a little.

Fourth Infusion: I had to answer the phone during this infusion, so I goofed it. Woops!

Fifth infusion: very light crisp earth taste, like wet sweet leaves. Started to get that kinda hay-ish taste. I wanted to try the mint, so I tossed the leaves after this infusion.

Overall, this was an amazing experience. Highly recommended! Now to go write on the mint :p

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yeah but did it get you high?


haha if it did, I don’t remember :P

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Another tea I still enjoy inbag. Probably one of the first teas that made me start looking at looseleaf, this tea gives a one of a kind experience and a good focus

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drank Earl Greyer by The Republic of Tea
18 tasting notes

Even though I’m trying to shy away from bags nowadays, this is the best EG I’ve found so far. It’s not a “creme” or anything like that, just a straight, smell good taste good no frills tea. I usually use a littler sugar and just enough milk to make it turn clay colored. One of my daily drinks at works when I don’t feel like making looseleaf!

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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Well, I just finished off my sample of this at work today. Got out pretty early which makes the night great!
Anywho, this tea smelt very light, I could pick up just sweet veggies. Well the tea itself reminds me of the same! Almost like snow peas with a little honey on them, the taste is really cool and refreshing.

I enjoyed this tea, but I think I would have savored it more from a gaiwan. Most of those nuances are lost when you don’t have time to relax and focus on them sadly :/

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So I was off a couple days and didn’t update this one, but boy am I glad I waited!

Initially I made a pot of this for a friend and I, thinking it was going to be sweet perhaps. The flavors in this tea are amazing, but expect savory, not sweet. It’s very malt-y, which I didn’t care too much for on the first infusion. We only infused it once until we moved on to the next tea.


Today I had work, and had my new Aladdin Infuser Mug too (love it!). I wanted to bring a tea with me that could survive multiple infusions, so I decided to give this another whirl. It was phenomenal! The first infusion is OK, very strong, but the second infusions onward were very much enjoyed. I got 5 infusions out of my leaves before I tossed them!

Oh and that reminds me, I’ve seen the word “mouthfeel” used a lot, and that’s what I will be using here. This tea is one of the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. It has to be experienced!

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drank Ceylon Sonata by Adagio Teas
18 tasting notes

Well I’m about to head over to a buddy’s house (got a handful of samples from Chicago Tea Garden, and I felt like sharing), and I also overnighted the Aladdin Infuser Mug. This thing is COOL. It looks sleek and I wanted to brew tea in it, but didn’t want to use my CTG tea yet. SOOOO I remembered I had this!

Do I smell a mild citrus tone? Or is this just a really bright tea? The tea infuser worked wonderfully, making a second infusion possible as soon as I finish this. Earlier I had the Apple Tea from Adagio, and I definitely taste the similarity. I think Ceylon is a better base for their flavored blacks more than Assam, due to the fact that it doesn’t pucker the back of your mouth as much. It does have a mild astringency, but oddly enough only right when I swallow. This makes me think of a morning tea, but nothing so particular as “Winter Morning” or “rainy morning”. It’s not powerful enough for such strong detail, but just light and good :)

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drank Irish Breakfast by Adagio Teas
18 tasting notes

Well after a day at work, my Adagio order finally came in! Although it wasn’t as massive as it originally was (due to a transaction problem with my web browser that made me scale back a bit), I ended up with this. I like it, don’t get me wrong. I’m just trying to figure out what i feel it needs. Sugar maybe? But on the other hand, I just got one with pot #3 of it :P

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Well I’m still fairly new to the nuances of finer teas, but I’m trying to learn fast!





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