Many Rivers Books & Tea Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Other
Serves Loose-leaf
Features Tastings
Mon Sat 11:00 AM 7:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM 5:00 PM

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Photo submitted by Thomas Smith
Photo submitted by Thomas Smith

1 Review

Many Rivers Books & Tea in Sebastopol, California
Thomas Smith rated this place
and said Edit

Decent breadth of tea selections ranging from poor to good quality, but nothing truly spectacular. Would be nice if they stored the tea in smaller containers to aid in preserving freshness. The customer service, on the other hand, is really wonderful. They have the greatest selection of tea ware in Sonoma County and a treasure trove of really wonderful books spanning practically any spiritual practice you can think of. They also have a good range of tea books (books related to, about, or for preparing/selecting tea) on the back wall. Hard to figure out how they cram so many goodies into such a small space.

You can easily peruse the tea selection, smell, engage the owners, sample before buying, and purchase variable quantities.

As an establishment, I’d give them 4.5 stars but as a tea shop it is more of a 3.5 – have to ding them a bit for mixed results on quality and storage. If they set aside their best, freshest tea in small, airtight packaging apart from the rest and bought a couple even-higher quality ones, Many Rivers would quickly become the best tea shop in the county.