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Photo submitted by Sandy Stith

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Steeped In Comfort in Lakewood, Washington
Sandy Stith rated this place
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This is a really adorable little tea shop. The owner, Margie, is very nice and gives you just the right amount of attention.

I wandered in last Saturday around noon and the place was empty. However, as I sat there sipping a delicious apple caramel black tea, many other people wandered in. They all seemed to know the owner. She made everyone seem very welcome.

I had a green salad with walnuts, cranberries, bleu cheese and this spectacular raspberry vinegarette. It was delicious, too. It was also $5. My pot of tea in its charming little tea cozy was $3.

Steeped in Comfort also does some traditional high tea kinds of service as well. They were baking scones right there in the shop and they smelled delicious. These items didn’t appear to be expensive either.

So, I’m taking my mom there for Mother’s Day tea, which is notably more expensive, but seriously. It’s my mom. She’ll love it.

I recommend you give this little place a shot. It’s worth the time.