"T" (Tea Shoppe) - Farmer's Market Stall #212 Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Asian
Serves Iced, Bubble, Loose-leaf
Food Sandwiches, Snacks

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Photo submitted by Shinobi_cha

6 Reviews

sculdy rated this place
and said Edit

This is a good place to go if you want to buy fun, blooming teas. I haven’t been here in a while actually and one of the reviews reminded me that they have tea accessories. I remember now that they had really cute teapots. Definitely going back soon!

Oolong Owl rated this place
and said Edit

Neat selection of teas and lots of blooming teas. Also selections of straight up ingredients (like rose buds) if you wanted to blend your own tea. Prices are pretty cheap for loose leaf teas.

Looking online, most of these teas are totally from Silver Leaf with same names and descriptions. That’s fine. I’ve gotten my favorite teas from here (Lovers Cup, Rooibos Paradise, a Matcha genmaicha) and the staff is friendly.

The tea doesn’t come with steeping instructions, so I’ve often over-cooked my teas until I educated myself on typical water temperatures and times. Still with that said, you need to experiment with the steeping times.

When you buy a lot of tea (I’m talking a pound. Hey, it was my crazy husband who bought that much as a gift to me) they package it in a paper bag. I needed to get a tin for it as I noticed the tea was losing fragrance.

I got a white tea (Phoenix Eye) and an oolong tea (a Milk Oolong) that had no fragrance and tasted stale with no flavor. The white tea particularly tasted like nothing. I didn’t smell the tea before buying, if I did I would of noticed it was too old at that point.

Overall – great store to have in the Farmers Market. Great selection, however a few misses. Smell all your teas before buying.

Sara rated this place
and said Edit

This shop either knocks it out of the park or totally misses the mark – I swore it off after getting two disappointing rooibos teas, but gave it another shot recently with much better results. The white tangerine and white champagne raspberry are both delightful, as is the smoky Russian caravan. Good prices, too.

One thing to watch out for: I asked the clerk how to steep the Golden Jade Butterfly (basically a jasmine pearl in a different shape) and she said “Oh, you know, just like you’d steep any tea.” WTF? I don’t expect a tea shop clerk to know everything, but maybe if you’re hired to work at a tea shop you should be aware that there’s…you know…more than one kind of tea? O_o I mean…really?

Jenny rated this place
and said Edit

I love that this place exists at the Farmer’s Market. They always have the cutest teaware and tea accessories and a fairly wide variety of teas. I always make a stop here whenever I’m at The Grove/LA Farmer’s Market.

Jacque Scott rated this place
and said Edit

I love this place. It was my first time at the LA Market Place and I stumbled upon this little shop. Their iced Lychee was soooo good and it is now my favorite tea. I live over an hour away from here, out in Palmdale, and I have already been back. The selection of tea is overwhelming to me.The owner is very nice and helpful. I would recommend anyone to come here.

Shinobi_cha rated this place
and said Edit

Lots of teas to choose from, it’s fun to be able to sit amongs all the crowds in LA’s famous Farmer’s Market and take a break to have some tea.
They have pretty good selection for such a small shop, and have a lot of options if you want iced, boba, flavored (mixed flavorings), etc.
They have tea in every price range as well, to drink there or take home.