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Photo submitted by ms.aineecbeland
Photo submitted by ms.aineecbeland

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Gourmet Boutique in Boston, Massachusetts
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Gourmet Boutique

This is a lovely store that carries the finest teas and chocolates made from all over the world. I visited this store last year after having attended an employment fair, as I left the hotel and venturing into the plaza area I found this store and decided to peruse it. I was so excited to see all the teas that it carried; excited because many of the teas they carried I had been viewing online.

They carry many of Tea Forté Teas; Mighty Leaf Teas, Harney and Sons Teas, Octavia Teas, The Republic of Tea and many others. I purchased a fruity Green Tea sold in counts of 50 tea bags. Earlier last year I tried one of the Pomegranate teas and it was very nice; liquor was fruity and sweet and the flavors lasted through several infusions.

I was able to take some pictures this time since last time I did not have my camera or camera-phone with me. Eventually, the Sales Associate did say she could not allow more photos. She was friendly enough and did suggest that I purchase their Tea Ching by The Republic of Tea. So I have ordered the book as well, but it is not yet here.

I visited this store by accident, it is a lovely store and seems to have many fine things: Caviar, Chocolates and many fabulous teas.

There is a giant display for Tea Forte seeming to be a promotion of sort perhaps. The shop also carries Numi Teas as gift packs/gift sets.

Carrying the likes of Mighty Leaf teas, Octavia teas, Ineeka teas, Kusmi (Detox) teas, Mariebelle teas, and Teaosophy teas just to name a few.

It would seem the store’s philosophy is to share their discoveries with the customers. Providing a gourmet journey through its meticulous selections of specialty foods and table wares. Inviting customers to browse its collection and the finest of products ranging from Foie Gras, rare teas and Chocolates.