DAVIDsTEA (Guildford Town Centre) Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Modern
Serves Chai, Iced, Loose-leaf

This place has closed :(

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3 Reviews

Robin Nicole rated this place
and said Edit

This is the first Davids I’ve ever been in and I love it so much, everyone there is so eager to help, make recommendations, and basically just talk about tea.

Rachelle rated this place
and said Edit

I swear, I own half the wall.

My boyfriend tries to steer me clear of this place every time we walk into the mall, but to no avail. I cannot help but go in here and smell all the teas and then buy half of them.

The staff is very friendly and helpful (and in my case patient, since I have most of the teas and it’s hard for them to suggest new ones I might not have that I may like, and also because I usually get them to take down the whole wall for me to smell!)

The thing I love most about DAVIDs is that their blends are very original and interesting. They tend to get more creative than the smaller companies, and include lots of unique ingredients in their teas such as heart candies, chocolate shavings, toasted coconut shavings, yogurt drops, and even popcorn! So it’s always a surprise when they bring their new teas in.

I have only been disappointed with a few blends I’ve gotten there, and as a result have several large bags or tins of their teas because they’re so yummy.

My only complaint is their prices are a bit higher than most other places. Smaller tea companies that I frequent such as Great Tea Wall, Granville Island Tea Company or Infusion Bouteaque charge between $7-10/100g, DAVIDs tends to be between $10-14/100g.

But alas, I cannot stop, and so my wallet cries every time I go into this store. I guess this is the price one has to pay to feed the addiction!

Avrilkira rated this place
and said Edit

My first introduction to loose leaf tea was at this store. Since then my wallet is crying for mercy ;)

1st impression: Stopped by on a Saturday close to noon. Staff was very nice and quite helpful. Was a very happy new tea connoisseur. Purchased some Kanpe and some Lime Bang.

2nd impression: Came in the store shortly after opening, mid week. Staff seemed a bit busy, but eventually helped me with my purchases. Bought my Timolino, a new pot, and maybe some tea (can’t remember which though).

3rd impression: On Rememberence Day, around mid day. The staff was very polite, catering to my girls who wanted to be part of my tea purchasing decisions. I purchased the Winter and the Holiday collection samplers, as well as a tin of Mom’s Apple Pie. I then wanted to buy a drink for my girls to share and one for myself. My oldest decided on “Oh Christmas Treat” (which she had plain – no milk or sweetener) and the nice girl behind the counter convinced me to try a Chocolate Chili Latte (non-fat milk and some agave sweetener). My oldest and I loved the smell of her tea, and I could see myself enjoying it as a latte… and for my drink? I was in heaven!

So 2 out of 3 visits to this location, and I’ve gotta say that I found the staff were very pleasant, especially the girl helping us the last time ;)