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Steven Smith Teamaker - Online in Portland, Oregon
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I have shopped both in-store and online with Steven Smith Teamaker, and all of my experiences with this purveyor have been exemplary. The staff is courteous and friendly, and the online orders are packaged and shipped very quickly. Of course, I usually receive my orders in record time because I’m only the next city over from Portland, but, they still manage to get each of my orders out to the shipper within 24 hours of placing the order, which is commendable.

The packaging is nothing all that different from packaging from some other companies, with one big difference that I don’t see with every other company: The date that the tea was packaged is on each of the mylar pouches. Freshness is not only assured, but visual evidence of the freshness is provided.

All of this wouldn’t add up to a whole lot if the tea wasn’t up to snuff … but this is STEVEN SMITH we’re talking about. Every tea I’ve tasted from Steven Smith has been worth every penny paid for it, and then some. Some of the very best teas available anywhere.