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Zen Tara Tea - Online in Bethesda, Maryland
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I have wanted to try Zen Tara Teas for some time, so I finally broke down and ordered from them. I had ordered a couple of teas as well as their tea-infused chocolate truffles. Since I was ordering shortly after Valentine’s day, they were sold out of the chocolate truffles. The system still allowed me to order, and did not inform me that they were sold out of this product.

However, they were prompt with contacting me asking me how I wanted to proceed. They gave me several options including canceling the truffles and receiving a partial refund for them, or receiving two separate shipments: one with tea and the second one with the truffles when they came in.

Instead, I told them it was alright with me if they just held on to the order until the truffles would be back in stock, so long as it wouldn’t be too long (it took less than a week). After all, I have plenty of tea to keep me occupied, and I had waited this long to try their teas, I could wait a few more days.

Within a week, I had received the notification that the order had shipped (like I said, less than a week from the time I ordered until the order was fulfilled and shipped). Everything was packaged carefully. The packaging for Zen Tara is white Mylar-type stand-up pouches with resealable, zipper closures.

Zen Tara also includes a free sample of tea with every order, and I like that.

They were kind and prompt with their correspondence and shipped as soon as they possibly could. I am very happy with my experience with Zen Tara and I’d order from them again.

The reason I rated it 4 instead of 5 is this: The tea infused truffles, we are given a choice of the flavors we want. But there was no field to indicate which flavors we wanted so I had to write a separate email – not a big deal but, it was slightly less convenient. Also, I do think it would be helpful to the consumer if there was some way the website could inform the shopper of what truffles were sold out. I personally did not mind waiting the short time that I had to wait for the order to ship, but, I can’t speak for others.