Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center Edit

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Type Restaurant
Style Asian
Serves Bagged, Bubble, Chai, Iced
Food Full menu
Features Afternoon tea
Monday Closed
Tue Sat 11:30 AM 5:30 PM
Sunday Closed

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snood4m4 rated this place
and said Edit

The GBBCC is a Cultural Center with a large prayer space, but they also have a tea house/restaurant inside. There is only one type of food on the menu— “Veggie Delight”— which is a soup, rice, and a few types of vegetables and tofu dishes that change each day. It’s a fairly filling spread, and I think it’s quite tasty although it is simple. It comes with a limited number of teas as a combo, or you could order it and whatever tea you wanted separately. There is a large page’s worth of teas, including hot or iced, bubble milk teas, etc.
The best part? That huge plate of food + tea costs under $10!