The Box Theater & Cafe Edit

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Type Cafe
Serves Loose-leaf, Chai
Food Snacks, Sandwiches, Full menu
Good For Dates

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1 Review

The Box Theater & Cafe in Mount Clemens, MI
Reed Rabbit rated this place
and said Edit

Formerly known as Che Cosa (I still call it that), and moved right around the corner from the old location which is now a theater.

The new space is much smaller, but in an intimate way, and possesses a far more charming atmosphere. This is my favorite spot to go and work on my laptop. The baristas are nice guys, very chatty and inviting and knowledgeable about coffee, and the cafe roasts its own beans.

Now, since this is a tea site, my rating reflect their tea. Currently the selection is small and dwindling, though good quality. I’ve been assured they’re just waiting ‘til they run out of their current stock so they can order new loose leaf teas from a new supplier, and I can’t wait! The tea lattes are a little overpriced in my opinion, but they’re comparable to prices at the chain coffee shops. Normal cups are priced fine, however.
If you want a tea latte, make sure Christian is making it for you! It’s my fault they’re on the menu, and he makes them the best.

The cafe offers soups, salads, sandwiches and ice cream, with many vegan and vegetarian options, but I admittedly haven’t had any of it, nor have I gone to the adjoining theater.

They’re still in a transitionary stage from the move it would seem, but I would definitely suggest checking the place out, especially if you like coffee and cute cafes, but also to chill and have a cup of tea (naturally).