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Type Restaurant
Style British
Food Full menu

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Bewley's Cafe in Dublin 2, Ireland
Superanna rated this place
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Bewley’s Cafe closed in 2015 for refurbishment but is supposed to reopen in 2016. It’s located on Grafton Street which is the heart of Dublin’s best shopping district. Therefore, this fun shop is always packed to the gills regardless of having three (?) confusing floors. You come in, push other people around, and snipe yourself a table.

It was great for a cuppa and soup or a scone, especially because you were probably just walking around in some chilly rain. However, according to the Irish Times, when it reopens it’ll be much smaller with a smaller menu. So I guess we’ll have to see! Very sad times. I’ve probably been 4 or 5 times and I’m sad to hear it’s getting reduced.