Clementine's Victorian Restaurant and Bakery Edit

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Type Restaurant
Serves Loose-leaf
Food Full menu

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Photo submitted by LadyDanio
Photo submitted by LadyDanio

1 Review

LadyDanio rated this place
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Clementine’s was a disappointment, to say the least. As the last stop on our “tea crawl” we were thrilled to find a warm and cute tea place that also boasted a full menu. Limitless tea and a restaurant? Who knew!

Unfortunately for us, the night we went the waiter was horrid. We sat there freezing, unable to warm up and waiting for our soup and teas, while he mixed up the order of food. We got the soup last, after we’d already eaten our cold main salad courses and were still shivering. The poor service far outweighed what I remember of the food, which I believe was perfectly tasty.

The unexceptional teas that we’d ordered finally arrived near the end as well, in large pots of tea with all of the teas leaves just floating around. We couldn’t drink the tea fast enough so after one cup, the rest of the pot was ruined from oversteeping.

This might be a nice place for a luncheon or as a restaurant, but true tea connoisseurs should avoid it.