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It’s an herbal tea I purchase for road trip tea drinking. It’s floral, minty and is combined with a variety of herbal elements to give it a very earthy smell. It’s strong, almost pungent and bears little resemblance to many things you’ll ever drink. Wouldn’t recommend sweetening it, as that just makes it worse. Just an acquired taste herbal and I’m admittedly not an herbal tea drinker.

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Was not a Rooibos partisan before or after this particular blend, but I must say it is the most delightful Rooibos I’ve ever tasted. Blended almost perfectly, the cinnamon and orange blend with the rooibos to produce a unique taste that lingers slightly. Excellent breakfast tea and also useful as a gateway to new converts to loose-leaf (a big crusade of mine..)

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For a non-chai drinker, this tea was purchased largely for my steeping mug when I wanted to carry tea to a meeting without a teapot and the associated mess. It serves that purposes especially well as you can sweeten it to taste and it does not taste foul after steeping for a while. An almost floral smell, it has a bit of bite but pleasant tasting overall.

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Admittedly a bit vegetal, it’s a clean tea that won’t make much of a mess. It goes down easy and doesn’t smell too bad. It’s worth having in your collection, but not a tea I’d drink all of the time.

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drank Bai Mu Dan by Samovar
32 tasting notes

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You can steep this tea a ton of times, it goes down extremely smooth and doesn’t overpower. In contrast to a normal darjeeling, it doesn’t have much bite. Smells nice. Pricey tea worth trying though.

1 min, 30 sec

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Easily one of my favorite tea blends. The cinnamon doesn’t overpower, the dried orange slices add a delicious touch to the green tea. A great summer tea which goes well with any meal. Smells as good as it tastes.

2 min, 30 sec

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I got into tea by accident a few years ago. Now, I get other people into tea.



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