24 Tasting Notes

reviewed One Touch Tea Maker by Breville
24 tasting notes

The best machine ever! I’ve used it daily for 3 months. If it broke tomorrow, I would run out and get another one!!


Back to add that we’ve now how it for 4 months. I’m the only hot tea drinker in my house but my husband has started making tea for his iced tea in it as well. He’s able to fill the basket with ample tea bags and operate the machine after only one lesson. Yeah Breville for making a machine we can both enjoy. Our use of the machine has gone from 1 time a day to 2! Again, if it broke tomorrow, I would have no problem buying another one immediately before the day could even end! :)

Stacy Byers

I actually had this happen to me. I had bought a Breville with my birthday money this past April (best gift to myself EVER! Thank you everyone who gave me my birthday money!) and my dad and I had just gotten home from the mall. I couldn’t wait to take out my Breville and start checking it out and out of nowhere one of my cats comes up to me and meows in my face. I freaked out and threw the Breville backwards and it shattered. I was devastated. My dad saw what happened and he felt so bad. He immediately took me back to Teavana so I could replace it. I told them what happened and they felt bad too. I gave them my receipt and they immediately replaced it for me no questions asked. I still have the replacement and I use it practically every week to make pitchers of iced tea!

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drank Queen of Babylon by Teavana
24 tasting notes

One of my favorite flavored teas to take with me to work and allow it to be sipped on all day in my insulated travel mug. I envision a crisp iced tea with this too but haven’t tried that yet. As the weather warms up I plan to try it.

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This is my first dessert tea purchase. I had just had a slice of pizza at the mall and was craving something to cleanse the garlic out of my mouth.. like a dessert. I ventured over to Teavana and looked around and the sales person showed me the new teas. I was intrigued by the chocolate tea – something I would normally not be interested in.. but I wanted dessert!

So, I had her make me a glass (she put 2 tsp of rock sugar in it) and took it back to my office. Yum! Now granted, I have nothing to compare this to but my first glass was great. I did not buy any loose but will go back and get some possibly next week. I really think this tea could keep my hands out of the cookie jar after dinner! :)

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This tea is now 75% off at my Teavana in Dallas, Texas. I haven’t tried it yet but for you all that love it, thought I would let you know it’s on sale. The Teavana Specialist suggested it as an iced tea which many of you suggested and have tried.

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I love tea, running, boxing and photography. In November of 2012, I visited a tea shop in Denton, Texas called Amitea and met the nicest shop owner. She educated me on fine teas and the appropriate temps and times to brew tea. I was astonished that I didn’t know that tea could taste even better than what I had been making. In 2013, I set out to learn and enjoy more tea!


Dallas, Texas



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