Coconut Banana Cream Pie Hojicha

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82 / 100

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Tea type
Green Tea
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Baked Bread, banana, Coconut, Roasted
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Typical Preparation
Use 12 oz / 354 ml of water
Set water temperature to 190 °F / 87 °C
Use 1 g of tea
Steep for 2 min, 15 sec
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“I really liked this tea today. I think that the only thing that has me turned off to this blend is that hojicha, for whatever reason, kind of bothers my throat. I can’t tell if this is a me thing...” Read full tasting note
“Augh. My computer is all sorts of not-working, and even writing tasting notes is not going so well. I think the computer needs a restart, and perhaps some “medical” attention…. :/ Anyways, this was...” Read full tasting note
“Additional notes: I had been thinking of this treasured tea that I’ve only got a couple teaspoons of, but I had some anyway. I think it’s my favorite 52 Teas blend. I just love the balance of...” Read full tasting note
“yum, it’s a tea “nightcap” – hoping there is not too much caffeine in this one. Definitely a dessert tea, great with some soymilk. I don’t see it as a coconut cream pie as much as a coconut banana...” Read full tasting note


From Wikipedia:

Hōjicha (ほうじ茶?) is a Japanese green tea that is distinguished from others because it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal; Japanese tea is usually steamed. The tea is fired at high temperature, altering the leaf colour tints from green to reddish-brown. The process was first performed in Kyoto, Japan in the 1920s and its popularity persists today.

Hōjicha infusions have a light- to reddish-brown appearance, and are less astringent due to losing catechins during the high temperature roasting process. The roasted flavours are extracted and predominate this blend: the roasting replaces the vegetative tones of standard green tea with a toasty, slightly caramel-like flavour. The roasting process used to make Hōjicha lowers the amount of caffeine in the tea. Because of its mildness, Hōjicha is a popular tea to serve during the meal or after the evening meal before going to sleep and even preferred for children and elderly.

Temperature: 82°C
Time: 1 – 3 minutes
Number of infusions: 2
Quantity: 4 teaspoons per litre

On one of the forums I follow, someone recently made the charge that flavored teas are always made with the lowest grade of tea available. I take personal affront with this, since I like to use the finest and most unique teas I can find to create our blends. Even our simple flavored black teas are made with high grade Indian black teas. Though I could get cheaper teas, I refuse. This week’s tea of the week and this past weekend’s VIT blend are just further examples of the boundaries 52teas likes to push.

Here’s a toasted green Hōjicha blended with freeze-dried bananas, our honking big coconut flakes and natural flavors. This is a truly delicious treat you are NOT going to want to miss out on. As with the Lemon-Lime Meringue Kukicha, this is a very limited edition blend. I do not have a final pouch count just yet, but these are going to go fast, and when they are gone, they’re gone.

Lastly, I just updated the In-Stock page to reflect our latest inventory. There might be a few teas you thought you missed out on that we do have in stock after all.

Our Tea of the Week for the Week of September 26th, 2011

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

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