2011 spring Guangdong Feng Huang Dan Con Wudong Song Zhong

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84 / 100

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Tea type
Oolong Tea
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Typical Preparation
Set water temperature to 205 °F / 96 °C
Steep for 0 min, 45 sec
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This is one of the most incredible teas I have ever had. The apricot notes are out of this world and yet the roast of the tea is so smooth and well rounded. each infusion was a slight variation on these flavors. I drank this tea for 5 infusions but I have no doubt that it could withstand 10-15 brews. I look forward to my next session with it which will hopefully be a cha xi with my dedicated phoenix pot.

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Lubitsch and Guangdong Feng Huang Dan Cong Wudong Song Zhong: a mouthful one is not likely to forget!
I sip this rapturous oolong while watching pre-code Ernst Lubitsch musicals. The flavors in the cup seem to flirt, wink, intermingle like the characters on the screen. Innuendos of passion beneath a flowery dress. Always hinting at something all-together naughty and wild. But, ah, here is the mouthfeel, honeyed as if sung by Maurice Chevalier himself. With eyebrow raised. Irrepressible sweetness, notes of Turkish Delight, fresh apricot, tiger lilies, dancing girls, glitz, and clever wit.

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Songzhong is one of famous varietal Dancong oolongs with long history. The tea tree was planted since Song dynasty and is crossbreed from Shui Xian cultivar. New generations are cuttings from the original old trees aremaintaining the same characteristics and tastes. This cultivar is often crossed and imitated.

Our Song zhong come from single estate and high altlitude and 80-120 years tea trees in Fengxi village area of Wudong mountain. This tea can called also “lan hua lichi xiang” by litchi fruit and orchid great flavour.

Carefully processed tea leaves with dark green and some yellow or brown colour. Delicate nuances of orchid with aromas of fresh litchi. Palate: Smooth and sweetness, well balanced between freshness and body with a dominating honeyed finish. Great oolong tea for gong fu tea ceremony !

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