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Chrysanthemum tea is very popular drink in Hong Kong (my location). In Hong Kong you can find small herbal tea shop, where you just stop for a bowl of herbal mix with Chrysanthemum to get you revitalize on the go. Infact Chrysanthemum tea is so popular in Chinese culture that you can even buy it in bottles and tetra pack at 7 eleven.

Health Benefits

Chrysanthemum tea has a lot of medical properties, and some recent scientific researches have also show support of its value. One or two cup per day could help you to revitalize the eyes and release the stress. Besides all the health benefits the tea is delicious!

Relief from dizziness, migraine and headaches.
When taken with meals, it could help in digestion.
It is good for the eye in general. Special when it infuse it with wolf-berries. Give it a try if you have eye strain from using computer and have problems like blurred vision or diminished vision.
It has antibacterial properties that can be use to reduce inflammation that association with flu.
It helps in strengthening of the lungs and is used to treat respiratory diseases including shortness of breath.
It helps to reduce the inflammation of acne.
Side effects

The Chrysanthemum medical properties is so powerful that people who drink too much of it can feel dizziness and nausea. So consume chrysanthemum tea in moderation. My recommendation is 1- 3 cups per day.

Some people could have allergy reaction that looks like inflammation of skin, itchy and scratchy
It is known chrysanthemum tea could interfere with the effects of some medicines and chemicals. That include medicine for insulin regulation, anticancer, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
For woman with baby it’s better to be cautious because we don’t know its effects to pregnancy.

Lower grade Chysanthemem is rather bitter on it own and rock sugar would add to it to make the taste better. High quality Chrysanthemum such as our Taiju (胎菊) is probably one of the best variety for beverage, the bitterness is gentle, reminding of grapefruit and it taste good even without sweetner.

infuse it with hot water (80-90 celsius degree) and drink it plain or with wolf berry infused (good for eye sight). If you like sweetner, I would recommend less refine sugar such as honey or rock sugar.

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