2009 Spring Big White Tree Pu Er Tea Cake-400g

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Pu-erh Tea
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This Pu Er cake is made from big white Pu Er tea tree in Jinggu county. This big white tea tree variety only exists in Jinggu, and has over several hundreds acreage of ancient big tea trees gardens. The reason for its name big white tea tree is first, it falls into the category of big leaves; second, its difference between any other big leaves tea trees is its bud full of silver tea hairs.

This cake is made from big tree leaves, so it has no bitterness at all. Besides, its new tea’s freshness is unparalleled amongst all the other Pu Er teas. Another spotlight of this tea is, since it is wok-fired, you can smell the pleasing, natural smoky fragrance from this tea. This tea is worthy to store and collect for a long time.

Harvest time: 2009 spring

Picking standard: One bud, two leaves

Shape: Tight, fat, plump.

Dried tea color: Shiny silver hair color

Aroma: high wild floral and natural smoky fragrance
Tea soup color: shiny golden yellow

Taste: floral, sweet and fresh taste, strong throat feeling, smooth tea soup

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